NZHerald - Who writes this drivel?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 5-May-2009 12:56

Oh wait... here it is...

"John Drinnan" wrote:

The XT Network is seen as a chance for Telecom to recover ground it has lost against Vodafone in the mobile market because its inferior CDMA technology does not allow it to earn money from data downloads.

You are kidding right?

Telecoms CDMA network has kicked a lot of butt for years in New Zealand in terms of coverage and data speeds.

Telecom has also had no trouble billing customers for the privilege of using it.

What a massive factual error. In fact, it's more than incorrect, its just totally made-up crap.

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Comment by jim, on 5-May-2009 20:31

Agreed, telecoms CDMA network has always been far superior to skodafones pile of underinvested junk. Speed, reliability and voice quality are all exceptional and the battery life you get is off the scale vs vodafone since you always have great reception on CDMA. However admittedly the handsets an not as cool, not since the iPhone. Perhaps skodafone should just pack up and leave.

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