Ubuntu 9.04 on an 8510p Compaq Laptop

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 5-May-2009 16:13

My work machine, a Compaq 8510p 2GB ram 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU has XP/SP3 and the OS install is getting pretty tired, Office 2007 has nerfed itself - problems I couldn't find motivation to fix, as busy with other tasks, and we have a Citrix environment that we keep pristine - so everything can be done there.

I downloaded 9.04 today, set the install up, had a milo, came back, and it was done, and everything just works including all hardware, sound, bluetooth, WiFi, dual displays etc.

Must time the boot from grub - it seemed like 10 seconds!

Might also put an older box together at home, and see what 9.04 is like on a P4 3.0GHz.

Have been using Linux on and off since early Slackware days, and Ubuntu since its first public debut too, and I must say, for an out of the box desktop setup/experience, Ubuntu 9.04 is pretty slick.

And free. Very very free.

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Comment by adamj, on 5-May-2009 19:50

Citrix and Pristine don't belong in the same sentence togeather.

Comment by Dunkin, on 6-May-2009 17:09

did the same myself over the weekend on a 6 year old AMD64 3200+/512 RAM bitser and was amazed. Outperforms XP hands down, start up time is a fraction of what it was.
I did have a bit of fun getting Flash working though, but that was a 64 specific issue...

Comment by Innocent ByStander, on 7-May-2009 05:40

Hi gentlemen, can you please elaborate: 1. How to setup dual Monitors with Ubuntu 9.04 ? 2. "Citrix and Pristine don't belong in the same sentence together." May I know why? I was considering to evaluate Citrix XenServer. So I guess you don't recommend it?

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