Maori Language Predictive Text Implementation on (some) XT Network Handsets

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And here is the list of words that has been formed jointly by Telecom New Zealand Limited, and the Maori Language Commission:

Maori words for predictive text function

1.       Maori, indigenous inhabitants2.       Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud
3.       Hui a meeting of any kind, conference, gathering
4.       Marae the area for formal discourse in front of a meeting house or applied to a whole marae complex, including meeting house, dining hall, forecourt, etc.
5.       Haere mai Welcome! Enter!
6.       Tangi short (verbal version) for the above (gerund) or to cry, to mourn
7.       Karanga the ceremony of calling to the guests to welcome them to enter the marae
8.       Tangata whenua original people belonging to a place, local people, hosts
9.       Haka chant with dance for the purpose of challenge
10.     Waiata song or chant which follows speech
11.     Koha gift, present
12.     Wharenui meeting house
13.     Aroha compassion, tenderness, sustaining love
14.     Mana authority, power; secondary meaning: reputation, influence
15.     Tapu sacred, not to be touched, to be avoided because sacred, taboo
16.     Taonga treasured possessions or cultural items, anything precious
17.     Whakapapa genealogy, to recite genealogy, to establish kin connections
18.     Whenua land, homeland, country; also afterbirth, placenta
19.     Hapū clan, tribe, independent section of a people; modern usage – sub-tribe; to be born
20.     Iwi people, nation; modern usage – tribe; bones
21.     Kaumātua elder or elders, senior people in a kin group
22.     Pākehā, people living in New Zealand of British/European origin
23.     Rangatira person of chiefly rank, boss, owner
24.     Tama son, young man, youth
25.     Tamāhine daughter
26.     Tāne man, husband, men, husbands
27.     Tuakana senior relative, older brother of a brother, older sister of a sister
28.     Wahine woman, wife (wāhine women, wives)
29.     Waka canoe, canoe group (all the iwi and hapū descended from the crew of a founding waka)
30.     Whāngai fostered or adopted child, young person
31.     Whānau extended or non-nuclear family
32.     Whanaunga kin, relatives
33.     Kai, food;
34.     Moana sea, or large inland 'sea', e.g., Taupō
35.     Haere mai Welcome!, Come!
36.     Kia ora Hi!, G'day! (general informal greeting)
37.     Tēnā koe formal greeting to one person
38.     Hangi, traditional feast prepared under earth
39.     hīkoi, walk
40.     Karakia, prayer
41.     Kiwi, bird
42.     Kauri, large native tree
43.     kōhanga reo, early childhood centre
44.     pounamu, Greenstone, jade
45.     te reo Māori, the Maori language
46.     Wai, water

Months of the year
47.     Hanuere (January)
48.     Pepuere (February)
49.     Maehe (March)
50.     Apereira (April)
51.     Mei (May)
52.     Hune (June)
53.     Hūrae (July)
54.     Akuhata (August)
55.     Hepetema (September)
56.     Oketopa (October)
57.     Noema (November)
58.     Tīhema (December)

59.     tahi, 1
60.     rua, 2
61.     toru, 3
62.     whā, 4
63.     rima, 5
64.     ono, 6
65.     whitu, 7
66.     waru, 8
67.     iwa, 9
68.     tekau, 10

Days of the week
69.     Rāhina (Monday)
70.     Rātū (Tuesday)
71.     Rāapa (Wednesday)
72.     Rāpare (Thursday)
73.     Rāmere (Friday)
74.     Rāhoroi (Saturday)
75.     Rātapu (Sunday

Place names
76.     Kaitaia
77.     Taupo
78.     Rotorua
79.     Wanaka
80.     Whangamata
81.     Whitianga
82.     Kaikoura
83.     Wanganui
84.     Whangarei
85.     Waitangi
86.     Whakatane
87.     Te Anau
88.     Hokitika
89.     Orewa
90.     Tauranga
91.     Tokoroa
92.     Hawera
93.     Motueka
94.     Oamaru
95.     Piha
96.     Rangitoto
97.     Cape Reinga
98.     Hokaianga
99.     Aoraki, Mount Cook
100.   Ohakune

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Comment by bazzer, on 20-May-2009 12:52

I've never heard of those days of the week before, are they new?  I thought it was Mane, Turei, Wenerei...

And what about some colours?  Ma is white, whero is red...

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 20-May-2009 12:56

Not sure about the days of the week, but additions to the dictionaries are going to happen.

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