Smart Connect - a free alternative to Psiloc Connect for S60 Nokia Smartphones (E71 etc)

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 2-Jun-2009 19:29

So you got a nice shiny E71 or other WiFi capable Nokia device on the XT network, but are desperatley looking to minimise data use, and make better use of your home and work WiFi networks?
Psiloc connect is apparently a very good pay solution, but recently I discovered "Smart Connect" a free alternative, in the downloads section of my E71.
Basically instead of having to define a 3G connection OR a WiFi connection OR being asked EVERY time, you set a priority list - e.g. mine has my home and work WiFi connections, followed by "Telecom Data", and wraps it all up into one connection called "Smartconnect" (or whatever profile name you choose :o)
You NEED to turn on certificate checking in your app manager, but you may STILL get licence errors. This software IS FREE and if you still get these errors, then check this thread.
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Comment by stuartm, on 2-Jun-2009 20:39

Bummer, doesn't seem to be available on N95. Just checked the download manager and it wasn't there.

Comment by sbiddle, on 2-Jun-2009 21:21

I actually paid for Smart Connect on my E65 for 1yr until Birdstep sold the software and it was no longer available - it's great that Nokia have picked this up.

Once I could no longer use this program I paid for a copy of Psiloc Connect which is very much the poor cousin. The software has issues that Smart Connect doesn't have.

Comment by John, on 14-Sep-2009 22:01

Hi So many people asking this same question but no one has any answers. Here is my question and sorry for being so cheeky. Perhaps you can help. The Nokia forums can not I can get my e71 to recognise my wire-less LAN at work. It sees the Access Point and I know the WEP key. The network can be defined and the Icon created is available in the Access Points folder of my e71. However the ISA Server at work is configured for a User Name and Password authentication and I can not find anywhere on the e71 connection settings that allows me to set a username and password . I'm looking for soulution on the e71, rather than the ISA Server if possible. Will Smart Connect solve this? I have spent days searching for a solution. Even my Tech Support and Network Admin don't know how to do this but want to so as to connect their phones. If you know please make the instructions simple to understand if possible. Many Thanks

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