Hawkes Bay Today (newspaper) scraping Trademe for telemarketing

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 14-Jul-2009 14:29

Anyone else sick of this type of thing?

Copy of an email I sent to Hawkes Bay Today, and CC'd to Trademe.

I was polite and direct on the first call, terse and direct in my email, if there is a third time, I will have to come up with a third attitude to go with my unwavering directness.

Dear ******,

To make this really easy, here are my points in list format:
  • You phoned me at 10.41am today 14/7/2009 to try and sell me advertising for a vehicle I ALREADY have advertised on Trademe.
  • I was courteous and polite, and I informed you that I was not interested in paying Hawkes Bay today for further advertising for any of my listings.
  • At 2.05pm today 14/7/2009 you called me again and left a voicemail, again asking me to pay Hawkes Bay today for a listing.
  • My vehicles are ONLY advertised on Trademe, so that is the ONLY place you could possibly have got my number.
  • I wonder if Trademe are happy with their website being used as a source of customer data and revenue gathering for Hawkes Bay Today?
Tony Hughes
027******* << do not call this number on behalf of Hawkes Bay today without prior permission ever again please.

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Comment by richms, on 14-Jul-2009 14:42

Wonder how trademe feel about their owners competition telespamming their customers in direct violation of the trademe terms and conditions.

I hope that APN get shotdown for this big time.

Comment by Aaroona, on 17-Jul-2009 15:41

Well, you couldn't be more direct or honest, without making it sound rude to be honest with you.

I hope they resolve your issue without any fuss.

Definitely does sound extremly fishy though.

Comment by pujafrezel, on 20-Jul-2009 06:49

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Comment by xpd, on 22-Jul-2009 15:44

Did HBT get back to you at all ?
Or theyve moved onto the next person in their Trademe list ? :)

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 22-Jul-2009 15:55

No - no response from them at all.

Nearly 2,000 people have read this post though :-)

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