TiVo in New Zealand - Do You Want One?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-Jul-2009 19:30

Well now we're ready to start talking and reveal what's coming your way.

We are working hard to launch later this year - in time for you to purchase the best Christmas gift for the family. Our goal is to match the Aussie service and provide even more content and services on the TiVo media device for Kiwi.

To register your interest with TiVo in New Zealand click on this link 
Please put my email address [tony at tall dot co dot nz] in as the referrer - they are running a competition for people who signed up to the beta test a while ago.

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Comment by kinsten, on 30-Jul-2009 11:51

I personally dont see the point, would like to see a smarter system that works off a cloud interface, that can be worked directly through your TV!

Just like built in Freeview, and those Yahoo Samsung TV's.  Why not a TiVo Cloud Widget built into a WiFi HDTV!
I would definalty buy that!

Supose this setup would turn to crap if your internet conenction was down though.

Comment by sleemanj, on 30-Jul-2009 13:57

Sigh, still no Prime.

If anything, this will probably make Sky even MORE reluctant to put Prime on Freeview.

Comment by ockel, on 30-Jul-2009 14:31

Americans dont seem to want them (subscribers have been going backwards for more than 2 years).

The deafening silence about connections in Australia despite Austar and Foxtel going gangbusters for their PVR talks for itself.

Why do we want them if no-one else seems to?

Comment by Itr0nic, on 30-Jul-2009 15:04

havent looked much into this ill make my pick on 2 things price ? any release on this yet ?

And i see it goes off my internet how much will it suck up ? how much decress in my internet speed will it hog ?

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