Building a home network server

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 10-Mar-2006 14:39

I need a network server/router/manager at home, and have decided to build one myself. For $30 on Trademe today, I bought a Pentium III 533mhz in a PC Company tower case, with 192mb PC133 memory, 10GB hard drive, 16MB AGP video card (not required as this will be a 'headless' PC with no keyboard, mouse or monitor), and CDROM drive. I am currently download Clarkconnect 3.2 Home rev1 which is a Linux OS designed to run a network. I will need the following features from it: DHCP Bandwidth throttling & management Logging per IP address (both data amount, and who did what & when) Content filter Firewall Backups This is to run the network for our home PC, sometimes we have guests here on WiFi, we have a family member living here connected via WiFi from the sleepout, and as of yesterday, my friend and neighbour Matt has his PC connected to my network, so he can ditch dialup (finally). His wife says she feels 'dirty' getting free broadband, but I keep reminding her that she is not stealing it! The 400mb download of Clarkconnect is taking ages, as yesterday I had to relocate my router to accommodate Matts wifi range, and now I have lost the ability to connect via network cable, and the only spare WiFi card I have is a dodgy old 11b DSE card. Im getting 180kbps connection on my own 2Mbit DSL service!! (With brother in law getting the full 2Mbit, and neighbour getting 1.4Mbit!!) I will post updates as things progress.

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Comment by freitasm, on 10-Mar-2006 17:43

Interesting idea. Perhaps a bit more expensive, but worth a look to:

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