Im bluetoothing again

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 18-Jun-2006 13:52

So I have been gifted a Nokia 6255 to replace the LG NX225 I have been using. I did like the LG, in spite of its menu slowness - it was small and light, with an internal aerial.

But at last I have bluetooth again, to go with my headsets, and backing up contacts with my PC etc.

Not much blogging lately - hard at work with a new kitchen going in, with all work being done by yours truly, as well as a new job at a new business which is eating a lot of my time.

Have just burned the LiveCD of ReactOS (a supposed Windows clone), will post a mini review soon...

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 19-Jun-2006 00:08

Congrats, at Long last,, May I have your LuckyGoldstar (LG) to make that growing box of failed handsets even bigger! :-P If it wasn;t for the huge problems the 6255's seem to have, I'd certainly get one, I'm in love with the large keypad. PS< what happed to the "killed" one?

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