How to update your XT Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 23-Jan-2011 12:45

I have had my Telecom XT Samsung Galaxy S I9000GT running the stock 2.1 Eclair for some time now, and found that with even moderate loading up of apps and data, I was starting to experience lag, and also curisoity envy about Froyo (Android 2.2). 

I tried using Kies to update my phone officially, but a few things went wrong, and Kies decided my phone needed reflashing, and frankly I didnt really want to be without my phone while waiting for Telegistics to flash it.

I had originally intended to stay with stock ROMs only, and keep my phone completely official (and share with you how to do that, and how my phone was running).

After the hassle with Kies, I decided to take the plunge, and use Odin to flash my phone with one of the many available ROMs out there. 

I ended up using Hardcore's Speedmod Kernel, due to how easy it was to get running, with everything working straightaway and no crazy tweaking or modem upgrades required.

Some info from XDA developers site: and here is hardcore's faq.

-- XDA Developers--

Latest features:

- Compiled using codesourcery 2010.09: Faster and more battery efficient
- The only properly working Tiny RCU implementation, thanks to Paul McKenney
- More efficient: Removed debug code from wifi, keyboard and touchscreen drivers
- Most updated version of my Enhanced Universal Lagfix fork with improved stability
- Full Android 2.2.1 ROM compatibility

This kernel has:

- Based on JPX Android 2.2.1 kernel source
- Works on all stock Froyo 2.2 and 2.2.1 ROMs and popular custom ROMs
- Enhanced version of sztupy's Universal Lagfix
- Includes neldar's BackLightNotification 2.3 from
Sharpness & color fix for UI, inspired by supercurio's work on Voodoo
- SpeedMod: Replaced kernel jhash2 with jhash3
- Includes my Startup Tweaks from
- Adjusted kernel HZ value to improve smoothness
- Uses BFQ IO scheduler by default, from
Updated ext4 code in kernel from
- Properly working Tiny RCU for better speed and efficiency from
- Patched lowmemorykiller for compatibility with Tiny RCU from
- Optimized compiler flags: -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=softfp

This kernel is based on sztupy's Universal Lagfix: Lagfix and root options are accessible by booting into the Recovery Menu.

To get the best speed, it is recommended that you enable all Tweaks from the Recovery Menu. Tweaks are under SpeedMod features. Info on Tweaks:

How to root:

Kernel HZ value: HZ=500 is smoother, HZ=256 is Samsung default.


This is likely the easiest method and best ROM to start with for those of us new to flashing ROMs. It is easy, doesn't have a million esoteric steps, you will need to add the APNs listed on the Geekzone page linked below.

Your results may vary, and flashing can endanger your unit with the potential to render it inoperable for inexplicable reasons.

All in all, it is easy, and "Odin" is not some scary Norse god, but a simple and straightforward to use bit of software.

This left all my data intact, and all my applications installed, all my SMS and MMS messages stayed in place, and I didn't lose anything at all - but PLEASE BACK UP EVERYTHING!

What you need to do:

    1. Back up all information on your device to the cloud or your desktop.

    1. Fully charge your Samsung Galaxy S I9000GT (Telecom XT version).

    1. Back up all information on your device to the cloud or your desktop.

    1. Use a Windows XP/V/7 PC.

    1. Back up all information on your device to the cloud or your desktop.

    1. Install Samsung Kies 2.0 (for the Samsung USB drivers it provides).

    1. Install Odin 1.30. (The 4.x multidownloader didn't work for me).

    1. Download this ROM, unRAR it (leave the .tar file intact).

    1. Connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable. Let the drivers install.

    1. Reboot your PC.

    1. Close all the program you are not using (unstress your PC basically).

    1. Run Odin and click PDA, then select the .tar file.

    1. Turn your phone off, hold volumedown+home then also hold power button. This should put your unit in download mode with the Android guy sweeping stuff displayed on your screen.

    1. Connect your phone via USB cable.

    1. Click 'Start' in Odin.

    1. Make a cup of coffee.

    1. Pray to whatever deity floats your boat (the gods of phone flashing are fickle, so try them first).

    1. Come back in five minutes.

    1. When Odin says it is done,

    1. Unplug your phone, boot it up, go 'ooooh' when you see the new startup screen. Head into settings and put your APNs in.

  1. Spend the next 24 hours thinking smugly to yourself how awesome your phone is with Froyo on it, and explore all the new features.

Thanks to everyone in this Geekzone thread who provided information. Page 249 has some more specific info around upgrading the modem and a few other bits.

More guides, blogs, and geek stuff at

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 23-Jan-2011 12:53

I should add that I am VERY happy with the end result. All my lag GONE. The phone is MUCH faster. Battery life is now AMAZING. And the phone in general is just more responsive and behaving well.

Comment by Chilling_Silence, on 23-Jan-2011 17:57

Very good article! My phone found it through the Google News Widget under technology :-)

Comment by dclegg, on 24-Jan-2011 15:37

"flashing can endanger your unit with the potential to render it inoperable for inexplicable reasons."

What exactly does this mean? Do you end up with a completely useless ex-phone, or is this a situation that can be recovered from by doing a factory reset or similar?  

Comment by brendono, on 24-Jan-2011 19:41

A word of caution, Telecom today locked my Motorola Milestone that was an identical replacement for one they provided that I managed to flush and ruin saying that the replacement wasn't brought from them. If this is the case they may arbitrarily do the same to any other non-Telecom purchased phone or possibly any updates you do that they are not happy with. If your update causes issues with transmission power I can see Telecom being likely to say that it is an unauthorised modification.

They will not discuss it with me any further. They say it is blocked, end of story. Speak to the retailer.

Comment by Damager, on 24-Jan-2011 22:32

"flashing can endanger your unit with the potential to render it inoperable for inexplicable reasons."

what Tony means is that even though the process is very simple, there is always the chance that the upgrade may fail. this could be for one of any number of reasons. all phones are different and may react differently to the flashing process.

if the phone is soft bricked, eg continuous bootloop, your phone doesnt get past the boot animation, the phone FC's on loading the new ROM, if your battery.. you may even need to build a physical jig (like one GZ member had to do after not following instructions to the letter).. factory resets may or may not resolve the hard/soft brick..


Comment by n00dy, on 25-Jan-2011 21:11

worked really well, didnt take too long eitrher and left all my data intact. Brillaint

Comment by cfnz, on 24-Feb-2011 22:15

Just a query about this process...

Just new to the Galaxy S... quite like some of the Samsung apps/look feel, keyboard, clock, etc (I had a G1 before)...

Does following the process above go back to a more standard Android look and feel? 

Just wondering if I should try going to Froyo or just do the one click lag fixes which are in the Market (do you still have to root the phone if you do these one click fixes?)...

Just got a brand new phone and don't want to brick it... have not noticed any lags yet, but thought I would sort it now before loading it up with apps...

Thanks for any info... 

Comment by Rupert Pupkin, on 23-Apr-2011 12:35

Just wanted to thank you Tony Hughes! I have an old Nokia phone, and I couldn't delete the contacts without a security code. I stumbled upon an answer you gave here in 2006 and felt impelled to thank you. Since that thread is locked, I'm sure you won't mind that I post my gratitude here.

Comment by beehappy, on 1-Jun-2011 11:08

Hi Tony
This worked a treat many thanks (even for someone who is new to this) what I appreciated was the simple step by step instructions i got a bit lost with the APN settings untill I found a link to someone else who had a similar issue.

If you find a way to do a similar upgrade to gingerbread  i would be grateful 

Once again Many Thanks Peter

Comment by Shamo, on 21-Jul-2011 15:19

Hi Tony Does this work for New Zealand as well and if not do you have any tips for us down here who would like to join the rest of the world and be done with the crazyness of ver2.1

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