Audio & Bluetooth on a Nokia 6265

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-Jun-2006 11:55

I heard from another user that their Telecom New Zealand Nokia 6265 couldnt send files to other phones over Bluetooth... mine does quite happily. (Different software version perhaps?)

I also thought I would try out some other functions too...

Standard bluetooth headset - Nokia HS11W.
Works perfectly, you can even listen to MP3s through it, in glorious mono.

Stereo bluetooth headset - iPhono Plus stereo bluetooth headphones/mic
Works as a handsfree headset, and also as a headset for MP3, though the sound is mono (played through both L & R channels), and sounds worse than the HS11W - low and rumbly with some scratchiness. Not really usable, although i do have a pop-port - 3.5mm adapter which works with my stereo bluetooth dongle. Doing it this way works, but is clunky, and of course you are using three batteries at the same time! Nice and Geeky though.

Bluetooth file transfer using PCSuite
Flawless. Browse the phone and memory card via Windows Explorer, drag and drop anything both ways, including MP3 ringers, and JPEG pictures. Outlook Syncing is also going perfectly with zero hiccups. Have measured 18 metres distance between PC and car, with Bluetooth connecting automatically to do a sync, and let me backup the phone, and add more mp3's, even if I have left the phone in the cars glovebox - cool.

Pop Port > 3.5mm Audio Adapter + TDK Headphones
As good audio quality as my iPod, this works very well, and my adapter now lives on the headphone cord, and is barely noticeable. I will now probably not go through with my planned purchase of an iPod shuffle or an iPod Nano, as I have a 2GB memory card coming for the phone. (But will have to try to cope without smart playlists.)

Nokia supplied headphones / handsfree headset ** SEE EDIT BELOW
Pop port model. Works, but is simply the WORST headset in terms of comfort I have ever used. Worse than iPod whiye earbuds even... ugh. Sorry Nokia, 1/10 for that one...

All in all, no hiccups, everything working as expected, and the phone connects and disconnects nicely when it should.

** EDIT # 1

After actually putting the foam earbud covers on, i have found the Nokia earphones to actually be quite comfortable :-) There is a button on the mic to answer calls, and when playing music, the button acts as 'next track'. It would be nice if they put a pause and vol up/down buttons too..

I have just loaded up a 2.0 Gig mini sd card with around 380 songs, and left some space for pics and videos from the 2 megapixel camera.

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Comment by bradstewart, on 29-Jun-2006 14:32

"I heard from another user that their Telecom New Zealand Nokia 6265 couldnt send files to other phones over Bluetooth... mine does quite happily. (Different software version perhaps?)" Tell me how Obi-Wan..... I have version V HL 110v0400.nep

Comment by bradstewart, on 29-Jun-2006 14:33

V HL100V0400.nep

Comment by bradstewart, on 29-Jun-2006 14:35

Never mind. I got it now.Select file > Options > Send > Via bluetooth. Can't believe i never tried that, on the 6255 you it had a send option as one of the soft keys and also worked by pressing the call button. On the 6265 that goes to sending MMS. Wow that was dumb lol

Comment by alasta, on 29-Jun-2006 19:54

The headset supplied with the 6265 must be the same as the one that came with my 6630, because I found it dreadfully uncomfortable. It's interesting that you found the sound quality of the 6265 to be as good as your iPod, because sound quality was was my only major disappointment with the 6630, and will probably prompt me to upgrade when some of the later model UMTS handsets become more affordable.

Comment by *Jono*, on 15-Aug-2006 20:10

What brand 2Gig MiniSD did you purchase and how much? Does it work fine with no probs? Im thinking about getting one.

Ive noticed that the prices of SD cards has dropped. I brought my Kingston 1G at the beginning of the years for about $100. Now their about half that!!

Also is the pop port to 3.5mm a genuine Nokia one or an aftermarket one? Ive got a $5 aftermarket one and was just wanting to know if there were any differences in quality. It seems to do the job.


Comment by Harry, on 13-Sep-2006 16:00

Hi Tony. Can you tell me if when you are using the pop port to 3.5mm audio adapter, does the audio from a phone call come out of the adapter? I know the adapter doesn't have a mic, and that is fine, as our application is only to liten to the incoming call. Thanks Harry

Comment by Brendon, on 29-Oct-2006 14:50

I've just got a 6265. The standard headset that comes with it outputs really bad audio quality (compared to a dedicated mp3 player etc...). Does the other mic-out (near the top of the phone) when converted to 3.5mm output better sound? Would like to know before I put the effort into doing that :) Cheers, Brendon

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 29-Oct-2006 15:10

i only used the pop-port connection... i cant imagine the other one being any better... I was happy with the quality on pop port using tdk headphones...

Comment by taniwha, on 19-Dec-2006 13:45

... you seem to have trackbacks turned off - - or i'm lost.

Comment by Tony, on 13-May-2007 12:37

hello, can anyone tell me where I can buy the Nokia pop port to 3.5mm audio adapter within New Zealand, Auckland? I would like to listen mp3 on my nokia 6234 with my own headphone. thanks. Tony

Comment by pedro Wyns ON7WP, on 23-Sep-2007 08:21

Hi Geeks, my 6234 plays happily in stereo on the radio but all MP3 files are left channel only. I upgraded to the latest software but no improvement. ordinary wirde headset. Any help out there ? a single eared geek...

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