Trademe "smaps" - a "" killer ?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 27-Jul-2006 10:41

Browsing Trademe today, and I see a link at the top called smaps.

I had no idea what it was, so being the curious kiwi I am, trusted Trademe totally, and clicked it.

So it turns out that is a mapping system, just like the plethora of others available, but when you type the location you want (including actual street addresses), it autocompletes - saving time and saving typing.

Interestingly enough, their printable page version, is very useful, and contains their logo and the map provider name, but no URLs. The logos and names are clickable on the web, but not on paper, so if anyone else sees it, they will have to be smart enough to think "Gee.... SMAPS..... must be a site", but lets face it, although that conclusion is fairly basic for most of us, there are people in this world who dont make those connections easily.

Smaps has just won my affections, away from which previously had my (non-paying) custom...

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Comment by juha, on 27-Jul-2006 11:00

Oh noes... not another "killer" :p

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 27-Jul-2006 11:16

yeah, the word has been bandied around so much, and we had that discussion confirming its death as reall attention grabber, so I thought i would wheel it out, dust it off, and staple it to this story.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 27-Jul-2006 11:17

and im sure wises offer lots of other features, but for me - i get an address, feed it in, print out the result, and on my way, goodnight, thanks for coming, whats for lunch.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 27-Jul-2006 11:23

yeah, the word has been bandied around so much, and we had that discussion confirming its death as reall attention grabber, so I thought i would wheel it out, dust it off, and staple it to this story.

Comment by freitasm, on 27-Jul-2006 11:48 does suggestions as well, and instructions on how to add maps to a site or blog - smaps is lacking this feature for now.

Comment by freitasm, on 27-Jul-2006 11:49

Actually, both and have a fineprint "Ptojectx Technology":

Comment by chiefie, on 27-Jul-2006 11:50

Tony double-posted? I like Smaps now... it is actually quite fast too. Does it do "From" and "To" to plot roadmap? I know AA's can. How would this behave on smaller screen like PocketPC? as it would handy.

Comment by inane, on 27-Jul-2006 13:43

unfortunately, just like, this does not work on Windows Mobile 5.0 using Pocket IE, I havent tested with Opera or Thunderhawk yet, I used to like wises in the fact it used to work with PPC, but now it doesnt, and to be honest, I would suggest a majority of the time I am trying to find somewhere, Im not actually sitting at my pc.

Comment by sarg, on 27-Jul-2006 15:33

if you want to try mapping from a pda try

Comment by Gabriel Pollard, on 28-Jul-2006 18:44


Comment by james, on 3-Aug-2006 12:50

APN released new dating website at da moment too. its not offcial released or done any media advertisement. tryn to kill trademes findsome, APN vs FairFax Lol

Comment by juha, on 10-Aug-2006 08:20 isn't registered to APN and it's hosted in the US... you sure it's APN?

Comment by Dale Shaw, on 24-Nov-2006 23:56

As an application developer, ZoomIn is an easy and cost-effective way to add mapping to my applications. I love it ... Dale

Comment by Paul, on 5-Jul-2008 17:26

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Comment by rob pharazyn, on 17-Apr-2010 19:31

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