Fast food myths

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 27-Jul-2006 12:46

Names changed to protect the innocent in this #geekzone (DALnet) chat log.
Geeks need to know about fast food goodness and badness!
Note I have not done any further research into the authenticity of this info, or the linked article. So take it with a grain of salt, 6 grams of fat, or an artificial char grill mark....

[12:37] <N> oooo subway made me full
[12:38] <M> you need a bigger stomach
[12:38] <N> or a smaller sub
[12:39] <N> no, your right, i need a bigger stomach
[12:41] <F> No, not subway... Neither KFC.
[12:42] <F> Actually, you know the "eat fresh" stuff? I was reading Business 2.0 how companies "pre-cook" chicken fillets by dipping into a sauce, baking with hot air, then putting those "chargrill" marks with electronics things... And Subway uses them... yes, eat fresh...
[12:44] <F> ooops. Make it "Fast company":
[12:44] <F>
[12:44] <F> .
[12:44] <F> .
[12:44] <F> "Subway's slogan is "Eat Fresh"--but order the Grilled Chicken Breast and Baby Spinach Salad, and you'll get defrosted, precooked chicken strips that have been mechanically branded at a factory to look like they're hot off the grill. Which isn't quite the same thing. "
[12:45] <F> .
[12:45] <F> .
[12:45] <F> .
[12:45] <M> hehe
[12:45] <M> a new subway opend just up the road from me
[12:46] <M> i live in the ghetto
[12:46] <F> .
[12:46] <F> And they smell awful... Sorry, BK is much better!

Gee subway... whats with the advertising then? I hope a complaint is made to the BSA about this (but not by me, because I am far too apathetic to back up my rants with real action).

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Comment by freitasm, on 27-Jul-2006 12:56

Good one, Tony!

Comment by sbiddle, on 27-Jul-2006 13:58

Look at any "chargrilled" chicken product or sausages on the market and you'll find the chargrilling is all done the same fake way!

Comment by inane, on 27-Jul-2006 18:39

I think its actually a "relativity" thing...

if you compare what subway do with their chicken, versus say, mc'ds or kfc,

I think you will find the subway stuff looks so fresh its clucking and laying eggs...

Comment by bradstewart, on 28-Jul-2006 13:39

I worked at McD's and Subway, trust me Subway is very healthy. Once you;ve seen how McD's is made you never eat there again

Comment by juha, on 30-Jul-2006 11:46

That's... nothing.

This is however.

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