Stolen CSS code recovered at The Geekzoners blog - arrests likely

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 31-Jul-2006 14:48

Okay - first off, thanks to Mauricio Freitas for the wonderful work he has put in to not only launch Geekzone Blogs, but to act on user requests for new features and improvement of existing ones.

He has enabled us to use our own CSS code, including a 'sandbox' - a feature that enables us to test new code before unleashing it on the public at large.

I know almost zero about CSS, and have done very little coding of anything in years. Brad Stewart answered my call for help, and provided me with a customised helping of CSS code, which gave my blog a unique look, which was one of my requirements at the time.

Since then, I have gone on to steal code from Juha Saarinens Techsploder Blog, and from the Tech & Chips Takeaway of Kelvin Yong.

I have not just copied and pasted - all the code I have taken, I have studied, and figured out how and why it does what it does, and then customised it to suit this blog.

I have gone for a fairly minimalist look, and am still undecided on the fate of the seperator bar with the yellow star (Yes, star, you could be up for the chop).

So this is really just a thankyou to those I have plagiarised in the name of good (??) web design.

Next up may be a graphic to replace the text title of "The Geekzoner" at the top of my blog, and then some work on the cluttered unsimple** sidebar I have.

The more information link below, leads to a list of all Geekzone blogs (Not a huge list. We may be small, but at least we're Geeky).

** Unsimple: "Me fail English? - Thats unpossible"

## Update: It has been bought my attention that the layout is fux0red in Firefox under Linux, and also in Konqueror (another popular Linux browser). I will be working on this in the very near future.

In the meantime, you could either:

  1. Put up with it
  2. Subscribe to my RSS feed instead
  3. or try other browsers under Linux
Either way, if you are running Linux, please let me know if this page looks okay in your browser, and include your version number - if you wouldnt mind :-)

More information

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Comment by chiefie, on 31-Jul-2006 15:04

hehe... looking good here Tony, I like to call this "knowledge sharing" rather than code stealing, there's fine difference between the two.

I studied Juha's CSS code too, but now I'm more understand of the blog HTML structure and able to tweak around abit to create a CSS for the blog...

For mine, there are times i feel that my blog is too purple... but i guess that will be the unique point of my blog :-D

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 31-Jul-2006 15:12

Thanks Kel. Im liking the look too. I especially wanted my columns centered on the page which i have acheieved.

The quote box I took from the Techsploder really makes quotes stand out well too.

Comment by bradstewart, on 31-Jul-2006 15:22

Like the new simpliefied look. Not at all insulted that you changed the design i made for you...

If you need somebody to make up an image for you let me know..

Comment by juha, on 31-Jul-2006 15:40

White is right! (No, not a silly reference to today's blog posts :))

Comment by juha, on 31-Jul-2006 15:46

You probably want to change the font size and the leading on the quote block... doesn't go with the font you're using for the blog body copy. :)

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