Xtra Announces Faster, Unconstrained ADSL

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Aug-2006 08:06

In their inboxes this morning, Xtra customers find the following:

We're eager to keep you informed of what new developments you can expect in broadband services in the near future.

Right around the world broadband services are constantly developing, and New Zealand is no exception.

Back in April, new Xtra plans were introduced delivering maximum download speeds of up to 3.5 megabits per second on supported lines. We also announced that we will be introducing new technology in the future that will enable even faster broadband speeds for customers, depending on their location.

Hot off the press is the news that Xtra will be providing new unconstrained speed options later this year.

These new plans will include options which will deliver unconstrained speeds for both downloading and uploading. So instead of being provided with individual maximum line speeds, these options will deliver the maximum the network is capable of delivering at any particular location and time.

With these plans customers may find it easier to do things online that are "bandwidth-intensive" - eg. downloading / uploading music and files, watching video, sending and receiving large email attachments such as photos, and playing online games. For more basic online activities like web surfing and email, an increase in line speeds isn't actually so noticeable. So if your Internet usage leans towards a lot of downloading or file sharing look out for new unconstrained plan options later in the year.

Next Generation Broadband

At Xtra we think the next generation of broadband will be pretty exciting. But it will also introduce more variability to the range of speeds that customers experience. To help work through this we're investing in new line testing tools so we can give you good advice about the plan that's best for you in the future.

For more information on the factors that influence broadband speeds you can visit www.xtra.co.nz/speed

You don't need to do anything, and we'll be in touch with you soon to keep you up to date.

Kind regards

The Team @ Xtra

Now call me cynical, but of course they make these decisions, and announce them well before they give firm information to the other players in the industry, and use 'confusion as a marketing tool' (her words), and make their very large customer base think that 'perhaps we need to stay with Xtra to get this service, whatever it is'.

Good on them - I would do exactly the same thing! Take a competitive advantage, and use it!!

Sounds like the unconstrained services are going to be pitched as premium services over speed limited plans. I want higher speed, especially upstream, so that I can simply have better quality videoconferencing and VoIP. I dont use filesharing, and although I download a lot of Linux ISOs now and again, whether these take 10 minutes or 3 hours, is neither here nor there (most of the time :-)

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I want broadband, why do I have to wait 3 days to even know if its POSSIBLE?

Comment by sbiddle, on 1-Aug-2006 08:28

No mention whether they will still be crippling "real time" applications..

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 1-Aug-2006 08:38

Naked DSL is gonna happen, and people are gonna use Asterisk, Skype, iTalk and others, whether they like it or not...

Comment by juha, on 1-Aug-2006 09:13

Well, that's interesting. The wholesale providers haven't got the unconstrained service yet. Telecom's talking about September, maybe October for them.

So much for "retail equivalence"...

Comment by Kezzainc, on 1-Aug-2006 19:41

Wont this mean it will end out been slower internet for everyone....!!?    Seems like a very spiteful decision to me.

Will it matter what ISP you'll be with or is everyone treated equal on the LL?

I would pay more to go through a company that has more bandwidth allocation/pipes to make sure you get the stated speed at least once.   eg, NZWireless or any other ISP on WIX.

Unlimited bandwidth doesn't interest me because there will always be a limit.  Best to know where you stand... by theory.

Intresting how they keep saying "depending on location"  Fair enough but i dont feel thats all that true...  Anyone else agree?  :-)

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