Alcatel Announces Slower ADSL

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Aug-2006 08:38

From a story at, Alcatel, who look after large parts of Telecoms networks, have been quoted saying:

(ADSL customers further than normal from exchanges) are likely to see an average reduction in line speed.

Translation: If you are getting slightly slower speeds on ADSL now, because of your distance from the exchange, thats only going to get worse when they speed the whole shebang up.

Add to that a potential hike in prices for unconstrained broadband plans, and you may truly have "Slower, Pricier Broadband"

Ironically enough, Stuffs headline reads:

Telecom offers hope for suburbia

The turbulence is far from over folks!

Juha Saarinen has also written a great peice here, which goes into more detail.

More information

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Comment by juha, on 1-Aug-2006 08:55

For a more detailed report, read my Computerworld story.

It's not just customers further away from exchanges that will see degraded performance, but also Telecom's frame-relay and other high-cost leased circuits because... they're delivered over a DSL carrier, over the same copper.

Comment by sbiddle, on 1-Aug-2006 09:32

Telecom's problem is that to get faster speeds they need to move everybody to fibre fed roadside cabinets to solve their current problems. This obviously takes time and money to do and doesn't seem to be happening at an exceptionally fast rate..

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