Geekzone 2006 Registrations Open Today

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Aug-2006 09:42

Registrations for the 44 seat limited Geekzone 2006 conference will be open today. Keep an eye on the official GZ06 blog for more information., Geekzone (SoHo Solutions), Telecoms d>zone and Symantec are the sponsors that I know of so far, and the conference is going to be held in Wellington on the 16th September at 1pm, in the Brooks Lounge of the Paramount Cinema.

It will be a great even, with guest speakers, general chat, goodies to give away, new tech toys to look at, play with and learn about, and much more...

See you there!

More information

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Comment by JAMMAN2110, on 1-Aug-2006 10:02

There you are, getting me all hopefull ... but theres no registration link up yet :'(

Comment by freitasm, on 1-Aug-2006 12:19

Good one folks! One hour into the registration and we already have 50% of capacity gone... And the event is still 45 days away!

This is gonna rock.

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