When is 1GB of data worth more than a new V8 SS Holden?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Aug-2006 11:03

When Telecom New Zealand deliver it over WAP of course.

Heres the bright red, brand new 2006 V8 SS Holden Commodore that you can get for $51,000 from the Horowhenua Motor Company Ltd.

(True... call these guys - they will hook you up)

Horowhenua Motor Company Ltd
Gary McKelvie or Stewart Thompson
(06) 368 7169

And heres the table showing that Telecom unashamedly charge more for 1 gigabyte of data over their new fandangled phone network, than what a brand new high end large family performance car is worth from a licenced motor vehicle dealer (you guys are licenced arent you?).


C'mon Telecom - align the pricing with Mobile Broadband plans.

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Comment by juha, on 1-Aug-2006 13:28

Holdens suck though... :p

Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Aug-2006 13:38

Change it to a Falcon XR8 and we can talk

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 1-Aug-2006 13:42



Have your Ford! Its not new, but its < 10,000kms...

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