How to move your Drupal 7 site to a different folder on your domain...

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-Jan-2013 14:33

So you want to move your Ubuntu 12.04 Drupal 7 installation from to huh? So much incomplete information out there, and people scratching their heads. This is how its done:On Debian Wheezy where Drupal was obtained/installed using wget/dpkg:1. Go to /var/www and rename the Drupal folder:mv oldfolder newfolder2. Go to /usr/share/drupal7/.htaccess and set/change the rewritebase rule to:RewriteBase /newfolderAll done!On Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS where Drupal was installed via apt-get:1. Open /usr/share/drupal7/sites/default/settings.php and set:$base_url = "";2. Go to /usr/share/drupal7/.htaccess and set/change the rewritebase rule to:RewriteBase /newfolder3. Go to etc/apache2/mods-enabled/drupal.conf and empty it (or just change it with lines from step 4 if thats your preference)4. Uncomment and add the following lines to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default#Alias /newfolder /usr/share/drupal7##<Directory /usr/share/drupal7 (read the entire post)...

HOWTO: Install Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS and get working mailserver

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-Dec-2012 22:06

Updated: easier to read and more info. This is a guide for people who want to have their own domain name, and run their own mailserver using Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.Following this guide will likely take around 60 minutes, including installing Ubuntu Server onto your machine. I installed the 32bit version on an AMD Sempron 3000+, and at the end of the process had used up 2.2GB of hard drive space. I would recommend a 10GB or bigger drive, and 512MB or more of RAM. At the end of this guide, you should be able to:Receive mail to your domain to one user (e.g. to your domain at to send and receive email.SSH to your server for remote administration.Configure an email client like Thunderbird/Outlook/Android/iPhone/WindowsPhone with server name, and MANY aspects of your server at https://serverlanip:10000Tasks to accomplish before going ahead:Static WAN IP AddressCheck with your ISP that you have a static IP address, por (read the entire post)...

I want broadband, why do I have to wait 3 days to even know if its POSSIBLE?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 6-Mar-2009 15:20


There have been delays processing your number Please check back in 2 or 3 days and this problem should be resolved If you are still receiving this error after 2 working days, please enter your details below and we will investigate and get back to you
What?? Wait three days?? And try again??What if I get the same answer??TERRIBLE.Should offer up an instant callback! (read the entire post)...

Lotteries Commission using open source software

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-Jan-2009 09:20

I noticed today that emails from the online lottery site, run by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission is using PHP List as its mailing list software.

I wonder what other open source software they might be using.

Whether you support, oppose or are sitting on the fence about online gambling, this shows the true power of open source projects - anyone can use them for any reason, with near total freedom.

Of course this freedom can have unintended consequences - perhaps the authors of the software are also massive anti-gambling campaigners (I dont know, I have checked), but still, with the definition of Open Source that these guys are using, they do not restrict where and by whom the software may be used.

I'd say a lot of money has gone into development of MyLotto, and it would be really interesting to know the reasons behind their various choices of open source and proprietary software. (read the entire post)...

Telecoms Online Store Is Finally Being Eradicated

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 12-Jan-2009 14:02

The following announcement from Telecom New Zealand regarding the closure of its loss-making online shopping portal -, which has consistently failed to impress, given the sheer amount of undisclosed millions of dollars in development, marketing and running costs comes as no surprise to anyone with an elementary understanding of e-commerce, business and/or 3rd Form Economics, yet was much much later than predicted - perhaps due to Telecoms stubborness in wanting Ferrit to own the e-commerce market in New Zealand for brand new consumer goods, gifts, electronics and more.

Perhaps Telecom simply underestimated the power that Trademe wields over the NZ online marketplace, and the fact that successful web businesses are often born with a unique idea that the web populace latches onto, and that deciding "Hey lets open a website, and be successful by pouring millions and millions of dollars into it." is NOT actually a good web strategy.

With so many people kn (read the entire post)...

Follow me on Twitter

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 26-Aug-2008 17:28

I have (finally) just got my act together with Twitter.

Its something I avoided for a long time, treating it as a bit of a gimmick, but now, having used it for only a short time, I subscribe to the notion that its like a chat room, but instead of loads of channels to choose from, you just have one - your own.

My Twitter username is tonyhughes. (read the entire post)...

Experts Exchange appears to be presenting different pages to Google than it does to users (again)

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-Jul-2008 11:39

It used to be that if you found an Experts Exchange result in Google, you could go to the page, and even without a membership to the site, simply scroll all the way down, past endless pages of boring internal links etc, and find the un-obsfucated answers at the bottom of the page, ready to read. I believe this was to do with Google having a requirement that sites present the same content to Googlebot, as it does to casual human users. With Experts Exchange value (to them) in being that you have to pay to see answers, but also wanting to get the answers indexed (as the answers themselves are valuable search fodder), they ended up with the above scenario - present all the info free, with login, to humans and the bot, but arrange it so the average human can't actually see it. Of course, anyone with half an ounce of web-savvy (often the very people that EE is trying to engage with), could get the answers they were looking for, for free. I just noticed today, that this is partial (read the entire post)...

In your face text adverts

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 2-Jul-2008 10:31

When you are limited to text only adverts - get creative like this guy at (Not hyperlinked, as I haven't even been there myself, I just had to share his ad wording!)

(read the entire post)...

Customer Experience Improvement Program - Microsoft Outright Lies To Customers

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Jun-2008 07:35

Not just a little lie, but a big giant one.

We have all been hit by programs that ask our permission to give automated anonymous feedback to software and hardware vendors. It is usually "opt-in" - meaning that you must proactively choose to give this feedback and/or "join the program".

Don't get me wrong, it can be really valuable, and giving feedback on RTM software plays a very important role in the potential for further development / fixes for that software - whether it is your OS, your IM, MP3, RSS, BT, WiFi, IRC or other AS (Acronymed Software).

The general consensus is that this is only ever done with users permission, should be clear and unambiguous, and should DEFAULT to opt-out.

i.e. If you take the default action given, with the smallest effort, you should be opting out.

I have often noticed an 'oddity' with the Vista CEIP dialog, and lie finally dawned on me today when I opened my 8510p after letting it install SP1 unatt (read the entire post)...

UPDATED: VFNZ Clarifies ## ISPs still trying to strangle VoIP - Vodafone, I'm looking at you.

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 17-Jun-2008 14:19

Thanks to Paul Brislen for clarifying Vodafones position:

PaulBrislen: There's no mystery here - we say in our terms and conditions that we don't support VoIP because we don't. We can't guarantee throughput, we can't guarantee quality of service. So it's not a supported application but at the same time we don't block it. If you want to buy a phone, use it for data and then use it to (gasp) make phone calls, you can!

tonyhughes: Hi Paul, thanks for that, sounds like good news, but I (retentive as I am) would really like a clarification, as the two statements are quite dissimilar:

"Casual Daily Rate does not apply to VoIP ...." (Website)


"use it for data and then use it to (gasp) make phone calls, you can! But we don't support it." (P.B.)

So can we safely assume from your post above that on Prepay, we can use VoIP, and that the data use will be covered under the $1 plan as if it was any other normal tr (read the entire post)...

Xtra "Help" Desk Hell

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-Jun-2008 20:03

Perhaps using the word "Help" as part of the name "Helpdesk" is a quite an overstatement on Xtras part.

I come home. Internet working great. Browse the web, send some email.

I go do stuff.

I go to use internet again - but not connectivity, ADSL light is off. I reboot several times, but no luck.

After 30 mins of PC, Mac and router reboots, I call the alleged helpdesk. I spoke to "Cherry". She had quite an accent, but spoke English very well. She didn't however, understand very much of it.

Heres some of the gems she came out with:

Asked me my PCs LAN IP address 4 times (its static BTW).Twice after asking my LAN IP address, she said "Ok, please hold while I check that out" a clear 5 minutes later each time, she comes back with no further knowledge (given that she asked my LAN IP address I am not surprised).Was surprised to hear that my routers IP address was not (Its 192.1 (read the entire post)... is a little confused about Asus' latest netbooks

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Jun-2008 11:15

A search on DSEs site for eeepc yields this result which has on it:

Black eeepc 900 Linux with the pic of a 701.White eeepc 900 XP (All correct).Black eeepc 900 XP with the pic of a 701.White eeepc 900 Linux with the pic of a 701.Black eeepc 900 Linux without saying what model it is. Black eeepc 900 XP without saying what model it is.White eeepc 701 Linux and is ambiguous about OS (especially for non propeller-heads).White eeepc 701 Linux without saying what model it is.White eeepc 701 XP without saying what model it is.White eeepc 701 Linux and is also a little ambiguous about OS.
Well done DSE. You got one listing nailed with all the right information for someone to make an informed decision. What the heck is with the misinformation and ambiguity of the others?

(read the entire post)...

Vista FTP transfers in Windows Explorer are very sloooowwwww

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 29-May-2008 14:04

So I had 5MB I needed to upload to my host in Obamaland (May he win in comfort). On a strange PC with no FTP client loaded, I figured I would just do it through Windows Explorer (Vista Business no service pack).

After 5 minutes it was still saying 60 mins to go, so I downloaded portable Filezilla, started the upload, and wrote this blog post. With the files having been transferring for about 3 minutes now, there is only another minute or so to go for the transfer to finish.

Why is the worlds largest software company getting this sort of thing so wrong? (read the entire post)...

People have no idea

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 18-Apr-2008 10:42

No clue whatsoever in fact.

I made a blog post two years ago about some free credit Skype gave out.

Here is the latest comment on that post:

A new comment was posted on your Geekzone Blog entry 'Skype Free Credit' ( Comment from 'roksvelll': pleace give to me free call
The user is not logged in as a Geekzone user, and did not leave any URL, email address, or other identifying details.

What did he actually expect?

Me to put $1000 worth of Skype credit in a wee bag, attach it to a carrier pigeon, and tell the pigeon to head off to ? (We log users IP addresses on comments).

Read the rest of the comments if you want to see the level of incompetency out there. (read the entire post)...

Loaded Card - Prepaid debit VISA (step up from a Prezzy Card)

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 27-Mar-2008 17:26

In a previous post, I was unhappy about not being able to use a prezzy prepaid card to top up my Trademe account.

I have just recieved and activated my new Loaded Card. Same concept as Prezzy, but a reusable card you can top up, and has your name instead of "PREZZY CARD HOLDER".

Just successfully topped up my Trademe account with it.

I was a little disappointed that a card topup from a Kiwibank account does not happen instantly - it seemed to take a few hours.

The fees on Loaded Cards are astronomical if you do anything out of the ordinary - so check and understand them well first!

Also noted that dropping the "www." off the account information site results in a failed attempt to get to their site. Come on people - www. is redundant these days, allow dropping it to still reach a web server at that domain!

Also, why have the main site, and a seperate domain for cardholder services. Its (read the entire post)...

Really disappointed with MSN experience on Mac

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Mar-2008 23:53

Loving my new Macbook 2.4GHz Penryn Core 45nm laptop.

I have found software that meets my needs for virtually everything, but MSN IM support is a bit of a problem.

The Microsoft application for Mac runs smoothly, looks nice, and is perfect for IM. But it doesn't support the use of webcams at all, not even the one built in to all new Macs that have screens attached (iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro).

aMSN supports webcams, and has nifty features like auto-recording all webcam sessions. But its buggy. It crashes sometimes, freezes often, places a recieved files folder on my desktop persistently (returns after deletion) - I DONT RECIEVE FILES THROUGH MSN!! Did I mention its really ugly. The UI just doesn't fit well with the rest of this very well designed Mac, its OS, and other applications I use.

So, now I use the MS offering for day to day IM, and aMSN on demand for webcam chats.

Yes, I have Skype, and iChat, but not all my contacts have (read the entire post)...

Finally ditching Go Large

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 15-Mar-2008 14:06

With internet become more and more useful in our home, and extra upstream bandwidth required for various things, I have finally decided to ditch my Go Large connection with Xtra, and go on the Pro plan (15GB, fs/fs).

I choose to stay with Xtra only because the bulk of our bill is paid under a staff concession (though I have left Gen-i, my fiance still works there).

Otherwise, due to Xtras general incompetence (especially 1st level helpdesk), I would have moved to Xnet by now, due to the good customer experiences I read about in our Geekzone forums, and the fact that they (Xnet staff) are happy to front up in a forum like this, and take the questions - easy and tough ones, and respond in public. Very open, and very transparent (as much as a telco/isp could be expected to be).

So hopefully for me, its goodbye to massively variable line speeds and download speeds (My sync to the exchange is currently 1.2Mbit, but has been as high as 6.8Mbit or so), and the (read the entire post)...

Trademe + NZ Post + VISA = consumer frustration.

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 10-Mar-2008 20:27

I have previously been a big advocate of Trademe in this blog, but the little things are starting to annoy me.

My Trademe account is in debt. I have used a Prezzy Card (Prepaid VISA debit card) before, to pay my Trademe account fees.

Trademe state they prefer Visa.

NZ Post says "Prezzy Card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted electronically, whether in a physical store or for online purchasing."

And yet, here we are:

Whats the story NZ Post, VISA and Trademe? Is this a valid credit card or not? Its marketed as such - use it anywhere VISA is accepted electronically.

I am an authenticated Trademe user, who has used this payment method before. The card is new, with a $100 balance (checked online just now to be sure).

Now I have $100 locked up in a prezzy card, and no way to credit my Trademe account in time to get auctions set up to close on the weekend (and still have time to attract interest (read the entire post)...

Backup your data folks!

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 20-Feb-2008 19:43

Chain of events (in order of happening, though many months pass between first step and today).

Buy OKTA TouchSet up to sync with company Exchange Server - all PIM data + emailsLeave companyDecide don't need OKTABuy NokiaWant contacts synced overPair OKTA with home PCA.S. hangs trying to sync with Exchange account (now locked out as I don't work there)Tell A.S. to not sync any items with ExchangeA.S. "I will delete all your calendar items"Im like "Great, cause I don't have to go to those meetings, I don't work there any longer."I click OK.A.S. stops hanging trying to sync Exchange, and moves on to syncing with PCA.S. completes this about 0.1 seconds later
Although it explicity told me it would "remove all calendar entries", it mentioned nothing about contacts!!

Now I have no contacts :-(

Friendly sys-admin at old workplace says he can dig out my contacts and put them in a .pst for me.... WOOOHOOO

Could have saved myself by doing a simple (read the entire post)...

HP privacy blunder - exposes customers to spam

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 19-Feb-2008 22:25

So tonight I am trawling Google looking for information on a new laptop.

Disturbingly I discovered an HP spreadsheet listing clients names, address, phone numbers, browser, referring URL and website queries.

Google has a cache of this document.

How many more customers private details are freely available on the internet like this?

This is the search that yielded that result about halfway down the page,

Very disturbing.

(read the entire post)...

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