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HP selling AV ?

, posted: 13-Sep-2016 14:52

Recently an elderly friend contacted me regarding a HP printer she had purchased and some issues she was having with it on her laptop.

She had it running fine, then one day it stopped working properly, so as anyone in her situation would do, she looked up HP's number online and called them.

Now, the number she called, was an 0800 and connected her to a "lovely" HP rep called "George" who said he was based in Texas.

He proceeded to "help" my friend. 

Somehow, he obtained some access to her machine (she swears black and blue that she didnt give him a Teamviewer ID or anything) , and placed a VBS script (on her desktop), which when run, would bring up a notification popup "Cannot continue, WORM detected". 

He then proceeded to tell her that she had some bad viruses and needed decent AV software, which he could offer her at the great price of $299.  Thankfully, she clicked something wasnt quite right and said she'd get her IT guy (me) to deal with the virus side of things.... phew.

I used Teamviewer and connected, found the VBS file, scanned the system for viruses and malware, both clean. No other software installed since I last did some work for her.

Im going to ask her how she searched for HP and see if the site she used is still up, and will proceed from there.


BTW : Dont know if it was coincidence, or if "George"  actually did do something right, but her printer started working again the next day.


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Comment by xlinknz, on 17-Sep-2016 21:28

I actually had a good experience with HP !

We have 2 HP OfficeJet printers, both 'lemons'. They weight almost 20kgs each and I wanted them gone. I checked the HP site and lo and behold they have were big on global sustainability and ewaste recycling. It even said they collected...

I decided to see if they walked the walk. I contact HP NZ who in the end ignored me, I then sent a msg to their CE via some page. Astonishingly someone who's first language was not English contacted me and after numerous emails & calls from HP [including a ticket reference] they arranged a their recycling company in Auckland to collect at HP cost from me in Wgtn

Well done HP for walking the talk 

Comment by Andrew, on 26-Sep-2016 15:05

This sounds exactly like one of the tech support scams ( 
Most likely paid for ads to appear up the top of google.

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