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With new ClearPath Dorado systems Unisys completes family's transition to Intel-Based fabric architecture
Posted on 21-May-2015 09:45 | Tags Filed under: News

Unisys Corporation has announced the new high-end ClearPath Dorado 8300 Series of systems – the most powerful members of the ClearPath Dorado family the company has ever introduced.

The new systems expand clients’ options for creating cost-efficient, open, highly available and secure environments for mission-critical applications, from online transaction processing to real-time data analytics using the SAP HANA in-memory technology.

The new Dorado systems represent the culmination of Unisys’ decade-long initiative to transition the entire ClearPath architecture from proprietary complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processor technology to a software-based fabric architecture running on Intel processors.

Using Intel Xeon processor technology, the new ClearPath Dorado 8300 systems exceed the compute performance of the CMOS-based Dorado 800 Series, the previous top-of-the-line systems, while delivering up to four times the performance in input/output (I/O) and networking operations such as large file transfers. The 8300 Series also provides close to 50 percent more single-image compute performance than the Dorado 6300 Series – previously the most powerful Intel-based models in the line.

The new systems can run applications written for earlier Intel- and CMOS-based Dorado models without modification.

“The ClearPath architectural transition is both a singular achievement and a new beginning,” said Jim Thompson, chief engineer, Unisys, who guided the 10-year evolution. “The Dorado 8300 Series and our other Intel-based ClearPath systems provide clients with an open, secure computing environment that maximises their long-term investment in mission-critical software. Plus, by establishing the fabric infrastructure as the new core of ClearPath systems, we have laid the foundation for software-defined data centres that give our clients extraordinary flexibility to integrate new solutions as quickly as their business needs change.”

The advanced, software-based fabric infrastructure of the ClearPath 8300 Series uses high-speed interconnect technology to link all computing resources and components. Unisys secure partitioning (s‑Par) software manages all application workloads on the system. Each partition is a software-defined blade with dedicated processing, memory and input/output resources for each workload, eliminating resource contention and enabling fast, predictable application performance with exceptional security.

Each new Dorado 8300 system runs the ClearPath OS 2200 operating environment, an integrated, fully tested stack of 110 software products providing unsurpassed security. Each system includes a Forward! by Unisys platform, integrated through the fabric architecture, for Linux and Windows workloads. Each Dorado 8300 can support up to 28 Forward! nodes – including those certified for SAP HANA – with 30 partitions apiece, enabling 840 workloads to run simultaneously.

Because the fabric infrastructure uses software for processes traditionally performed by hardware, it avoids the data-transfer bottlenecks that can slow down performance in a conventional networked system and provides more secure, predictable application performance by allowing direct communication among OS 2200, Linux and Windows applications in different parts of the fabric.

Specialty partitions make it easier to modernise the Dorado 8300 application environment. Those include the ClearPath ePortal for OS 2200, which enables development of multi-tier, web and mobile applications, and the ClearPath OS 2200 QProcessor, which provides transparent information exchange between systems in data-centre and cloud environments through the widely used IBM MQ message queuing solution.

The new Dorado 8300 systems provide two options for purchasing computing power. With Model 8380, clients can choose a traditional performance-based system-software licensing model primarily based on fixed costs. Model 8390 provides a pay-for-use business model based on advanced Unisys metering technology, which enables clients to tap additional processing capacity while paying only for the resources used.

The ClearPath Dorado 8300 Series has built-in high-availability and resiliency capabilities through redundant components. It also will be able to integrate with the Extended Processing Complex Locking (XPC-L) enterprise clustering solution. A non-stop XPC implementation provides database record locking innovation allowing up to six host systems running OS 2200 to access a shared database concurrently – even down to the same record. It synchronises database access so records are always accurately updated, simplifying both day-to-day operations and disaster recovery.

The Dorado 8300 will participate in clusters with earlier Intel-and-fabric-based Dorado models, as well as with even earlier Intel- and CMOS-based Dorado systems, providing an enriched level of availability, efficiency and integrity in high-performance transaction processing that few systems can attain.

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