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Samsung Wireless Audio-Multiroom review
Posted on 24-May-2015 17:59 by M Freitas | Filed under: Reviews

The Samsung Wireless Audio-Multiroom is a versatile speaker system that allows you to control multiple speakers from a single point – either your mobile device or your PC.

The whole system concept is modular, with three different speaker sizes that are suitable to different room sizes or environments. The smaller model M3 is perfect for a bedroom, kitchen or small office, while the bigger M5 and M7 siblings are suitable for large environments.

You can play music and sounds to these speakers from a variety of sources and via different mediums. For example you can easily pair a speaker to a source via Bluetooth for a quick a hassle-free setup (as I did with my Amazon Fire TV box) or you can use more complex configurations including wired and wireless connections including wireless repeaters (the “Hub”).

The mobile application available through the Google Play store allows you to manage multiple speakers, even a mix of these connection methods. You can pair the speakers with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth for those times when you are away from your network and just want to play some music – a party or outdoor event for example.

Using the same mobile application you can connect multiple speakers, name them and even group those together. This was you can have each individual speaker playing different music (in a multi-room scenario) or you can set a single source of music for a group of speakers.

This group function works only with speakers connected via a network, since Bluetooth connections are always single connections.

When play music to a group you have all speakers playing the same content and from my tests it actually worked pretty well, with no delay between “channels” – I had four speakers here in the lounge playing the same music and always in sync.

I did notice a small delay when using the speakers via Bluetooth with my Amazon Fire TV box, but this delay disappeared once I restarted the AFTV. Seeing the addition of Bluetooth audio to the AFTV is a recent feature and that this delay disappeared after its reboot, I would say it’s more of something on the streaming device itself than the Samsung speaker system.

The sound is extremely powerful and pleasant. Using the right-size unit can easily fill a room, or you can just connect multiple devices and position them in strategic places for better sound distribution.

The mobile app allows you to setup alarms and sound sources for those alarms.

Music sources can be many including the phone storage, a DLNA server such as Plex, or Internet Radio stations via TuneIn and Pandora for example. If you use any source other than your smartphone your work here is done: the speakers will continue to play from that source even if you turn off you smartphone or go away.

You can’t remote control the music unless you are in the same network as the speakers. This means no remote control from outside your home, office or party.

When connecting via WiFi you have the option of either 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi networks. Using the second improves the reliability of the system by reducing the chance of spectrum interference.

The devices also make use of NFC to allow easy and quick pairing to NFC-enabled smartphones. Simply touch the smartphone on top of the speaker and it will prompt you with the correct actions to pair them via Bluetooth.

Although these speakers have a USB port, this is only used for firmware upgrades, not for content playback.

You can control volume either from the smartphone app or by touching the volume dial on top of the speakers – it will respond to a light touch on the metallic dial so there is no mechanical parts involved.

These speakers all require mains power and won’t operate on batteries.

The speakers have a triangular shape with soft round corners. They can easily fit a space below or above other electronics or around the room. They all come with a plastic adapter that allows you to simply click it in place (except on the smaller M3 which requires a screw) to have these standing on their sides as vertical speaker instead.

A nice option for single or multi-room setups for your modern home or office.


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