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Panasonic launches lithium-ion home storage battery system

Posted on 11-Feb-2016 09:19 | Filed under: News

Panasonic New Zealand has today launched its first Lithium-ion home storage battery - a clever system that can sense and store excess clean solar energy to power the household in the evening once the solar system has stopped producing.


This smart battery system provides a revolutionary and environmentally responsible solution to use solar energy on demand. New Zealand already has more than 8,000 homes with solar panels and this technology gives owner’s freedom to choose their energy source, manage their energy use and costs, in addition to providing an extra layer of critical energy security during power outages.

Panasonic’s Home Storage Battery system also offers a unique solution for New Zealand energy distributors. The batteries can be remotely controlled by an aggregated service provider, including utilities and energy communities, to reduce grid infrastructure expenses and better manage energy usage at peak times. This feature will help stabilise the grid by reducing solar system export during low demand times and supply it during peak times, such as in the evening. Many stakeholders and interested parties such as Transpower are investigating technologies to help them better manage existing infrastructure and Panasonic are perfectly placed to help with this easy to install and scalable solution.


Panasonic New Zealand’s Managing Director Stewart Fowler is excited by the growth and use of solar power systems in New Zealand and is proud to be at the cutting edge of the exciting new technology of home storage battery systems, which is widely regarded as the missing link to truly fulfil the potential of solar power systems.

“For the thousands of Kiwis who already generate their own solar power this is a dream come true, so we’re incredibly excited to bring this solution to New Zealand. We want to encourage Kiwis to take control over their power. The Panasonic Home Storage Battery System in conjunction with a solar power system could help an average New Zealand household to reduce their power purchase by up to 60%. We believe this is the way forward for sustainable energy consumption.

“This system isn’t limited to those who have solar panels. Consumers can use it to take advantage of favourable power prices during off-peak times or as an emergency power source for critical appliances. Energy providers can use it to meet fluctuating energy demands by using our smart demand response solutions, without having to invest in further infrastructure,” says Fowler.

Panasonic is a world leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer and for the past 40 years has been investing heavily in research and creating innovative batteries that provide a stable power supply that is reliable, high quality, high performance and safe in extreme conditions.

The slim home storage battery system looks similar to a heat pump outdoor unit and is a low-maintenance, standalone unit that can be installed inside or outside the home. Though this battery is designed for the residential market there are also major benefits for power retailers and energy distributors.

These utilities can reduce demand on their resources during peak times and provide savings to the consumer, along with providing back-up to run critical equipment during a blackout.

Energy distributors can use this as a cost effective alternative to increasing grid infrastructure for scale-ability in meeting fluctuating energy demands, such as a cold winter’s day when all households are running heaters and electricity demand is too high for the grid.

“Including the home storage battery system into new home building costs just makes sense for our future,” says Fowler.