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HP Omen X review
Posted on 24-Jan-2017 17:09 | Tags Filed under: Reviews

The HP Omen X is a bold statement when it comes to desktop computing. It is big, it is heavy and it doesn't even sit upright. And it is also a powerful compute device - the model I received from HP  came with an Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4GHz, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs (16 nm, 8GB cache each), 32GB RAM, a 256GB SSD and 2TB HDD.


It's been a long time (since my move from desktop to laptops, a few years back) that I could enjoy a desktop with almost instant startup, no waiting for Office programs to run and (very important) playing games with all settings switched to HIGH.


The HP Omen X desktop is all this – and a lot more.



You have a plethora of ports – including four disk bays (accessible without any tools), built-in HDMI - not counting the two sets of HDMI and DVI from the GPU(s), six USB 3.0 in the back, four USB 3.0 in the front (two of those Type C fast charging), media card reader, optical S/PDIF, and a headphone/mic jack as well as separate mic jack.


You can access the disk bays, power supply and motherboard spaces without any special tool. But in case you're adding more storage drives to your rig, there are spare screws located just behind the Omen brand badge in the front.


But why so large? I hear you asking and tell you: it's all about managing the inside. This much space allows for independent access to different areas – GPU, storage and power supply. Because of these distinct areas cable management, air circulation (cooling) and access are all simplified. And in terms of air circulation, while you can hear the fans when going hot, it's still not loud enough to disturb you.


The desktop I received came with Windows 10 installed but I had it quickly updated to the latest production release. The HP maintenance software did a good job of keeping the supporting drivers (including BIOS) updated all the way. And no extra software bundled, which is always a bonus – it's a gamer's dream!


Even though the HP Omen X comes with a gigabit ethernet port it also comes with 2.4/5GHz WiFi and that is what I used all the time. Performance was really good over wireless (at least when using a high power WiFi router – in my case the Synology AC1600).


Click the following images for larger versions


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The only problem I found during my almost three months using the desktop was a conflict on USB 3.0 - I/O hung twice when using the Logitech nano receiver in one of the ports and an external USB 3.0 SSD. The storage device seemed to receive all the priority, causing the mouse to stop working or misbehave. I switched off the cache options for that specific drive and everything worked fine – albeit with a bit of reduced speed on large file transfers to this external drive.


This is indeed a very enjoyable machine. If you are a gamer or just enjoy working with no interruptions, then this is what you are looking for. Never mind the price tag, which is accordingly big and heavy. But at the end I feel sad to have to pack it and send back to HP.




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