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HP Elite X3 review
Posted on 6-Feb-2017 16:32 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

For the last month or so I had time to experience the HP Elite X3, a full blown Windows 10 Mobile experience. The HP Elite X3 is probably the top Windows 10 Mobile device available today, a business-oriented workstation on your hands. 


Out of the box you will notice this is no ordinary smartphone. To start the HP Elite X3 has a 5.9" Quad HD screen that is really easy on the eyes. Beautiful colours and crisp picture makes it a nice phone to work with. Add to that its fast Snapdragon 820 chipset, 64 GB storage and 4GB RAM and you have the power of laptop on your hands. 


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Out of the box experience is really intuitive and like other Windows 10 devices you best experience it by logging in with your Windows account. Once you have logged in for the first time you are able to configure the HP Elite X3 to recognise you - thanks to its retina scanner and fingerprint reader. You can use these features to automatically unlock the device without using passwords after initial configuration.


With its docking station you can recharge it, connect USB devices and use Continuum, the feature that allows you to see your phone screen on a much bigger screen - automatically changing the contents to fit the much bigger screen. Continuum requires a HDMI monitor to work when docked but you can also connect wirelessly to a Windows PC/miracast device and project your screen. If you connect to a PC in this way you can use that PC's mouse and keyboard to control your phone. 


This means your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be stored on OneDrive (linked to your Microsoft or Office 365 accounts) and edited on the phone, but with a big screen area to work with. You can see from the photos below how Excel and the deskop appear on a larger screen.


You can easily unplug/disconnect and continue working on the device itself (albeit with a small work area). You can even source a lapdock - a device that's basically a dumb terminal that will allow your phone to connect and be used as a laptop.


Like other Windows 10 Mobile devices the HP Elite X3 can only run the Windows Store apps. But HP knows this alone won't give you access to all the apps your business uses, so they offer a subscription-based virtualisation service called HP Workspace that allows you to run any Windows desktop application on a virtual environment accessible from the HP Elite X3 while docked/connected in Continuum mode. This means you can run your desktop applications on this smartphone to


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The HP Elite X3 can have up to two SIM cards, and while you can use it as a phone, the primary idea here is to have mobile data wherever you are. Think of the HP Elite X3 as a small tablet rather than a large smartphone.


With wireless charging support, the HP Elite X3 can be a handy business tool. The idea of HP Workspace combined with Continuum makes the HP Elite X3 a stand out device in the (small) Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem.


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