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Propel launch Disney Star Wars Laser Battle Drones
Posted on 19-Nov-2017 21:26 | Filed under: News

Propel launch Disney Star Wars Laser Battle Drones

A new generation of multi-player gaming drones launches onto the New Zealand market on November 21 with Propel's Disney Star Wars laser drones.


The collection features three of the most popular Star Wars flying fighters - the Star Wars 74-Speeder Bike, the Star Wars TIE Advanced X1 and the Star Wars T-65 X- Wing - beginning a new era of drone gaming through Propel's world-class innovation and technology.


In New Zealand, Propel is releasing 1,000 limited edition drones country wide. The boxes have a matte black finish, are individually numbered and wax sealed. When the top is lifted, it unveils the drone on a light box and plays Star Wars themed music relevant to each of the three fighters.


Key to the ability of the drones to battle each other are 12 Propel patents. The drones are the first consumer product globally to utilise LiFi capabilities, the next generation data transfer technology. LiFi is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi, allowing for ultra-fast information transmission resulting in an instantaneous battling experience with up to 12 drones in the air at one time.


At the heart of the gaming platform is Intelligent Awareness Technology. This is a new technology that provides a real-time interactive gaming experience.


There is also a brand new Reverse Propulsion technology with the propellers placed on the bottom of the drone rather than the top. This means the fighter looks like a fighter, not a drone as we know it. The propellers are also clear so are virtually invisible when in flight. These drones achieve a top speed approaching 45 km/h.


The smartphone app developed by Propel teaches consumers to fly even before turning the drone on. There are 34 specifically-designed training missions to prepare you for your battles. The app also tracks every battle you compete in, saving all battle stats to your unique gamer profile. A soon-to-be-available virtual battling function will enable you to find other players online and battle against them from around the world.


The Propel drone also has a T-mode (training mode) whereby the speed of the drone is reduced by 30 per cent (than its slowest speed mode). Each fighter will not fly higher than three meters off the ground and lower than 30cm off the ground stopping the drone from suddenly crashing into the floor.


The compay backs the drones with a warranty that guarantees that if you manage to damage any part in the first 12 months, Propel will replace it for free.


The standard edition of Propel Star Wars drones hit the New Zealand market on November 21.


Product specific information Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike


Relive the classic scenes of Endor with the 74-Z, speed through the forest piloted by Scout Troopers. Renowned for their superior maneuverability and agility, race or battle with friends in your own rendition of Star Wars - 'The Return of the Jedi' with this hyper-accurate model multirotor.


Star Wars T-65 X-Wing Starfighter


The go-to Starfighter of the Rebel Alliance, this all-purpose craft with its exceptional speed and combat performance will serve you well during aerial battles. Re-capture your favourite moments for the first time by piloting your very own laser-shooting X- wing fighter.


Star Wars Tie Advanced X1


Join the Dark Side and pilot Darth Vader's own TIE fighter. Battle against friends and perform aerial rolls and other advanced moves in the style of Lord Vader himself to push back the advances of the Rebel Alliance.


The drones are available in two editions. A Collector’s Edition which features a unique serial number (NZ$329) and a Standard Edition (NZ$219), stocked at retailers across Australia and New Zealand.


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