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Tile Pro review
Posted on 23-Nov-2017 13:20 by M Freitas | Filed under: Reviews

Tile Pro review

The Tile app and hardware use a combination of low energy wireless (Bluetooth) and crowdsource (the Tile app) to make sure you're reunited with lost items.


The Tile app and the companion Tile hardware are the most recent in the a series of keyring finders - you probably remember those electronic devices that would chirp away when a whistle or clap was detected? Tile uses more advanced technology to take this many steps further.


Recently Tile released the Tile Pro series, bringing quite a few enhancements and new features to its original series of trackers.


First and most visible is the design, going from its original minimalist white square design to a seemingly more sophisticated one that mixes well with fashion items - in other words it looks way better than before and you won't have problems having those attached to items you'd take with you to some more formal events.


The Tile Pro series has two trackers: Tile Style is white with golden-coloured trimmings and single button that is used to activate it while Tile Sport looks more discreet with its grey colour, rugged design.


Both Tile Style and Tile Sport are now waterproof (IP68, up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes) , have increased range of 200ft (compared to the original 100ft) and are louder than before. You can now select different ringtones for each Tile tracker you have.


Once you get the Tile app and create an account you can associate the trackers to your account. You do this by pressing the button and waiting for your smartphone to find the tracker nearby. The Tile app will then run in the background and periodically log your trackers location based on your smartphone's own location.


You can see where your tracker was last seen and in case you can't quite pinpoint its location you can ping it - the tracker will chirp away until you find it. It's not a blind search though as the app will show a visual clue on how close you are to the tracker. You will use this combination of map, visual feedback and sound to find your tracker - like a game of hot and cold. It is pretty effective and I've used it a couple of times to find my keys around the house.


But that's not all. The Tile app will also identify (without telling you) any other trackers around you and log their location. This crowdsourced information can then be used in case you lose your tracker - even if you are not close to it, if anyone with the Tile app walks past the tracker it will have its locationg updated. This way you can always see where your tracker was last detected - and hopefully go back there and be reunited with the item.



When you start the Tile app you get a small message telling you have many other members in the Tile community are around you - I've seen numbers ranging from 600 (in Wellington) to a few thousand (Sydney). Obviously the larger this number the higher the chances of your tracker being effectively traced.


The Tile tracker battery will last one year, when you are then offered a discounted rate to "re-tile". At home we have been using Tile for some time now - our house and car keys, laptop bag, wallet (with the slim tile) and even umbrellas (New Zealand brand Blunt launched a series of umbrellas with special pockets to accommodate a Tile tracker).


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