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Navman MiVue 780 review
Posted on 11-Dec-2017 15:04 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

Navman MiVue 780 review

Out of the box you get the Navman MiVue 780, the USB power cable and the mounting base. It is very easy to attach the dashcam to your windscreen and use the (long) USB power cable provided - you can even wind the cable around the windscreen and mount it without the cable being too obvious. I do have some reservations though since the cigarette adapter powers the dashcam only, when ideally it would have a second USB output that could be used for powering a smartphone or tablet.


The dashcam offers full 1080p HD recording with a wide camera lens, capturing a good portion of the road in front of your car. It does a good job of capturing videos both during the day and at night.


You can use a compatible microSD card up to 128GB for storage. This will be used on a rolling basis so as it fills up older footage will be removed.


The operating system creates separate folders for standard recording, snapshots and events recording. Under normal conditions the camera is constantly recording the road ahead. If any sudden changes in motion or an impact is detected, a protected video of the event is saved in the events folder. The dashcam will record GPS information as well as data from its built-in 3-axis G sensor, which can provide information on which direction an impact or change came from.


In case you notice something unusual happening and decide to keep a recording you can hit the main button on the device - this will automaticall store a protected video with the footage captured before and after you hit the button. You can configure the Navman MiVue 780 to record videos of different lenghts (in my case using three minutes) which makes it easier to manage.


The whole interface is very easy to use through four different buttons positioned on the side of the Navman MiVue 780. You can navigate menu options by pressing the up and down buttons and select an option by pressing the select button. The menu button will help browse through these options. Unlike some older models, the Navman MiVue 780 does not have a touchscreen - but it doesn't feel like it would need one.


The Navman MiVue 780 has also some smarts built-in. It comes pre-loaded with a database of speed cameras (to which you can manually add new ones) and you can download updates with new data. It will issue audible alarms (both bells and voice warnings) when getting close to a camera and let you know your current and maximum speeds in the area.


It will also alert you turn on your headlights if it's getting too dark, as well as other alert options including Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) to let you know if you are going over 60k/h and stray away from your lane, Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) to let you know if you are too close to the car in front of you and Front Departure, to alert you in case you are stopped for longer than ten seconds after the car in front of you moved out.


You can use the desktop-based MiVue Manager to analyse and copy files from the microSD to your computer. Using the MiVue Manager you can see the recordings while it shows on-screen GPS coordinates, direction and active G-forces.


You can also activate the built-in WiFi functionality, and using the Navman app, have event footage automatically sent to your smartphone for later usage or upload to sharing sites.


Compared to previous versions, the Navman MiVue 780 has a larger 2.7" screen which can turn off after a couple of minutes or used as a HUD (Head-Up Display) showing your current speed.


Below you can see some footage captured with the Navman MiVue 780:



Optionals for this dashcam include a MiVue SmartBox, an adapter that can be plugged directly into the battery, allowing the camera to be  always on and enable its Parking Mode. In Parking Mode it will stop recording when it detects the car is parked (when the car is turned off or when it has not moved in five minutes), monitor the car movements and instantly record any sudden movement it senses.


Another optional is A20 Rear Camera, which can be mounted on the back of the car and create a system for recording footage from both the front and back of the car simultaneously.


More information:
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