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Cambium e600 Review
Posted on 10-Mar-2018 21:22 by michaelmurfy | Filed under: Reviews

Cambium e600 Review

In my time I've tested literally hundreds of routers and access points however have never been fully impressed. It has either been a "meh" or "it works" for most of them. This time however it is different. I was running a UniFi AC-Pro before I installed the Cambium e600 in my home and if you've ever experienced the UniFi range of access points they're generally very good. Cambium really did have to put up a fight in order for me to remove my UniFi gear and believe me, they've won. It however didn't come without issues.


First off, when I got this access point I had got it in a pre-release state with very rough firmware - in this state it was incredibly unstable. I would run a test and it would get excellent speeds but shortly after it would taper off to the point the access point would crash. This is not a problem as they did warn me that the access point was in pretty-much an alpha state. I was however incredibly impressed with how they handled feedback during this phase often fixing bugs the same week they occurred for me. I really wanted to give this access point a fair shot and so I kept it and used it myself as a primary access point keeping all other devices on another SSID served from the UniFi. About 2 months ago I got an email saying "Our techs think they've cracked all issues - update your unit" and the rest is history really - I unmounted my UniFi and boxed it away within 24 hours as damn I was impressed.


First off comes the speed of this unit. With a compatible Wave2 4x4 device I am able to get Gigabit networking speeds - yes, you heard right, over wireless. These speeds didn't happen a few metres from my access point either - they were all over my (small) 2 bedroom apartment in a difficult environment in terms of radio noise. I however had to borrow a device to test in this case (an HP Oman laptop with upgraded internal wireless). Generally speeds on my other devices hover around 800Mbit down, 700Mbit up to a network share on my server. From my iPhone I often get 500/500Mbit on a Speedtest (with the limiting factor Speedtest not allowing enough data to ramp up) and around 680Mbit to iPerf2 running on my PC.


Secondary comes coverage. While the 2.4GHz coverage isn't as good as the UniFi AC-Pro I've not found any issues with it - my Ring Doorbell and other IoT things connect no problems. 5GHz coverage is incredible to the point I've had to turn it down so it doesn't blast the neighbours.


And the best thing of all - the control panel called "cnMaestro". It is feature-packed and makes it incredibly easy to manage the access point without having to provide your own controller:




Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size


The control panel gives the ability to onboard devices (even at bulk), create wireless groups (groups of wireless networks assigned to a group of access points) and many other features. Generally, it is well polished and has changed vastly since I last used a Cambium device. It offers everything you would want in a central place and gives you the ability to maintain large networks with multiple devices across different sites. If this isn't your thing then you can actually self manage the access point through its own WebUI however this is not recommended given software updates don't come automatically.


The final conclusion is I am keeping this access point installed - I feel Cambium have done an excellent job and this is a viable UniFi AC-HD competitor offering some excellent features at a very good price. Thanks Cambium for reaching out to me! You can find more technical information on the Cambium e600 on their website Here and if you're interested in purchasing then the kind folk at Go Wireless will be happy to help you out.


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