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Edgerouter 4 Review
Posted on 16-Mar-2018 10:22 by michaelmurfy | Filed under: Reviews


I’ve been running the Edgerouter Lite for around 4 years, it was by-far the best router I’d ever owned given it could just do whatever I threw at it without breaking much of a sweat (at 200Mbit). Then comes the time when NZ gets Gigabit which really put it to the test and the answer is – it could also route that no problems. Colour me impressed, the Ubiquiti Edgerouter line really stole my attention. I had a router that I bought years ago that is still very capable even today however I was still looking forward to any excuse to upgrade – I couldn’t find any.


Then Ubiquiti decided to release the Edgerouter 4. Its glorious internal power supply, SFP port and USB3 really caught my attention – I had a script checking the beta store for months hoping they’d release more beta stock however this never happened. But then, summer arrived. My poor Edgerouter Lite couldn’t handle my workload and combined with the heat started overheating and dropping packets – this was my perfect excuse to upgrade (well, I was going to anyway because Ubiquiti decided to do what Apple does each year to me).


Within the first weeks of Summer I got a glorious package from Go Wireless delivered to my work. It was a brand new Edgerouter 4. I couldn’t wait to get home to put it in. It looked as good in real life as it did in the photos and was a perfect replacement for my aging Edgerouter Lite.


Click to see full size Click to see full size


Configuration wise – it isn’t much different from the Edgerouter Lite however there is one major difference… When did EdgeOS get so damn fast? Every configuration change happened in a near instant where it would normally take 30 seconds to commit on the Edgerouter Lite. I had my site-to-site VPN’s up, IPv6 up and running and my whole network configured in around 20 Minutes. The heat of the summer sun didn’t seem to bother it too much – it got warm, but not as hot as the Edgerouter Lite (of which, I could literally fry an egg on – not kidding here).


Now onto Performance – I am experienced with routers but have no real way of testing VPN speeds on my connection. Every single test I did maxed out the Gigabit connection – this router is fast. I’ve got a site-to-site VPN running to a UniFi Security Gateway Pro on a Gigabit UFB connection and can max out both ways at 480Mbit/sec (the speed of the upstream of both UFB connections). This router has been online and stable with an uptime of 2 weeks now and have never had any packet drops or other issues with it. Colour me impressed. This router also has 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1x Gigabit SFP port. I’m told the USB3 port will be enabled on a future firmware release to allow for 4G failover.


I’ve also configured UNMS on a virtual machine somewhere out on the internet to both monitor my connection and record stats. This also enables me to configure parts of my router remotely (however – this is risky in some cases). CPU use on the Edgerouter sits at an average 20% and given what it is doing (logging events to a Graylog server, reporting to UNMS, general “being a router” things) this is actually rather impressive. I’ve been trying to torture this router by giving it both packets that a regular router would otherwise choke and not once has this router showed any signs of stress. It appears the system on a chip they’re using is very capable. Also, just for reference I could quite easily choke the Edgerouter Lite with the same tests.


I actually think this is a rather decent upgrade for anyone running either the Edgerouter X or an Edgerouter Lite on a Gigabit connection due to the fact no matter what you do – this router doesn’t die. Ubiquiti have really stepped up their mark here and shown that an enterprise grade router doesn’t have to be a costly investment.


On a side-note – yes, I didn’t include too many technical things here as frankly, most of that is boring for the average person. If you want those details I'd recommend checking out Ubiquiti's page on the Edgerouter 4 Here. Thanks to Go Wireless for sending this out to me – you can purchase the Edgerouter 4 yourself (pun intended) from them Here. Furthermore, if you need help with configuration or have any questions I have a guide Here also.


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