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Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan review
Posted on 9-Jan-2019 12:13 by michaelmurfy | Filed under: Reviews

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan review

As somebody who suffers from severe allergies having to take antihistamines most days just to add a level of control I was quite happy when Dyson reached out to me to give their new Pure Cool fan a go and I must say - I'm pretty impressed. Not only did it actually help significantly with my allergies but it actually is a pretty good fan also.


I've been operating the Pure Cool 24/7 for the good part of a month now. I did want to actually see if it was pulling things out of the air and if my reduction in getting allergy-like-symptoms were because of the fan, or because of other environmental factors. I've also put it through its paces by making it deal with cooking smells, aerosols and even going as far as vaping around it to see how it copes.


There isn't much to say about a fan really but this one is part of Dyson's range of "bladeless" fans. This essentially means that they pack the fan blades in the base of the unit to provide a more consistent stream of air compared to your conventional fan. This unit goes a step further however to add both an activated charcoal and hepa filter in the way of the incoming air to filter it. On top of this, the fan itself has a bulkload of sensors to sense indoor air quality - it is able to also sense particles smaller than 10 microns which include pollen, dust and pet dander as well as particles smaller than 2.5 microns which can be smoke, bacteria and other allergens. Other sensors the unit has include a Nitrogen Dioxide sensor, Volatile Organic Compound sensor as well as your standard Temperature + Humidity sensors.


As stated above - I did put these sensors to the test by introducing the fan to cooking smells, vaping, aerosols etc to see how well it filtered them in an enclosed room with the windows closed and I must say - again, I was impressed. It did indeed pull most things from the air successfully which also reflected on the particle count of the fan. The worst test - which was vaping in the same room as the fan caused the fan to report a particle count of "999" ramping up the fan speed to full and but did successfully filter this out in a matter of minutes.


There is an included IR remote control included with the unit that has the ability to control all the fan features so you're not forced to use the app. You're able to adjust the oscillating function, fan speed, night mode along with simply turning on and off the fan. On the remote is a button which allows you to control the information displayed on the colour LCD display of the fan showing air quality, particle count, filter life, temperature etc.


Since this fan has WiFi connectivity it logs data over time - including the average temperature along with particle count. This data is available from the Dyson Link app on a smartphone which also acts as an additional remote to the IR one included. This enables you to to control the fan remotely also just like every other IoT device. I've found this feature largely pointless personally but it is there. 


There was a few bad things however which I can say about most products... I did attempt to link this fan into my Amazon Echo's with no success - it appears that the Dyson skill may not work with the NZ Language my Echo's are configured with but this may change in the near future. Also the power brick that comes with the fan is rather large and doesn't fit in quite a few outlets - it would have been nice if they managed to fit the power supply in the unit itself instead and lastly filters are expensive! but they do appear to at-least work, and last a while (around 4200 hours).


For a premium product also I was pretty disappointed to see the LCD screen of the unit being covered with clear, easy to scratch plastic - I don't know how, but I've already managed to put marks on the screen of the unit - it would have also been nice if the LCD was touch sensitive to scroll through the stats without needing to grab the remote each time.


Overall though, I'm impressed with this fan and the fact it has actually improved my quality of life somewhat in my own home. It's able to pull most smells from the air and also keep whatever it is causing my allergies out of the house. Most importantly it is quiet for bedroom use. I feel the cost is fully justified considering it does its job well and will be recommending it to anyone who suffers from allergies.


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