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Earfun Free Pro review

Posted on 5-Apr-2021 19:05 by michaelmurfy | Filed under: Reviews

Earfun Free Pro review

At first I wasn't actually going to review these given they appeared to be some generic IEM's with a brand slapped on them however I'm going to give Earfun a little credit here as I went and ordered the apparent "Clone" (The Fiil T1 Pro) from AliExpress and they do have some quite noticeable differences.


First off, while they share the exact same design of the Fiil T1 Pro's they sound completely different - The Earfun IEM's sound much richer with very thumpy bass and personally I find myself coming back to them as they're comfortable and don't cause discomfort after prolonged use (at-least with me) - in comparison the Earfun's make the Fiil T1 Pro's appear to be the clone. The Fiil T1's do have an app (which the Earfun's don't have) that I found to be very buggy to use.


Getting past that - let's quote the price first which happens to be $59.99USD normally. Keep that price in mind.


The Earfun's feature a case with an integrated battery and wireless charging which promises to charge the earphones fully 4 times (confirmed) and come complete with different tip sizes (including ones with sports wings) to ensure a great fit.


I've personally been using the Earfun earphones at the gym and have not had them fall out once during intensive exercise. The Earfun's are IPX5 waterproof (rain and sweat resistant). My next point which I've sort-of touched on above is noise cancellation which isn't as strong as my other IEM or headphones but that can be forgiven due to the price - it does a good job of cancelling some of the sound of my noisy keyboard as I'm writing this review, the hum of the train and office noise however won't block out the sound of gym-goers grunting loudly or weights dropping.


The earphones themselves have 6 hours of battery life on a single charge and a quick 15min charge in the case provides another 1.5hrs of battery life (quoted by them and confirmed by me). They also feature touch controls on the earphones themselves to control all aspects of the earphones from skipping to the next track, increasing and decreasing volume, summoning your voice assistant to disabling noise cancelling for those times you need to hear everything around you - the disadvantage here however (and this is something I've found to have taken a while to get used to) is the fact all these features depend on tapping each of the earphones (for example, volume is a tap where changing to the next track is a triple-tap) - there is also no way of going to your previous track.


Watching the likes of Netflix or YouTube on a mobile device was great - I found that audio was in sync thanks to the low latency mode of the earphones which isn't always the case with many cheaper products out there. Phonecalls, especially here in Windy Wellington were challenging at times as the earphones didn't do a great job at cancelling out the wind noise but the earphones did a great job at cancelling out other noises like my cat meowing during an important work meeting while working from home (making these my go-to earphones while I am working from home).


I personally think for the price these are a very solid set of IEM's and do both a better job than the original Airpods which sell for almost triple the price. If you're looking for the gold standard for noise cancellation then you'll have to spend a little more I'm afraid but for under $100NZD these are very solid earphones with sound quality beating everything in that price.


If you wish to purchase, there is a discount code for 20% off by using the code EARFUNGZ.


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