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GoPro Hero10 Black Review

Posted on 8-Aug-2022 17:41 by M Freitas | Filed under: Reviews

GoPro Hero10 Black Review

I still have my original GoPro Hero camera here. It uses an SD card (those big ones), and has a simple LCD with alphanumeric settings with no viewfinder. Contrast this with the latest GoPro Hero10, a camera that has a replaceable lens, WiFi and Bluetooth, touchscreen viewfinder and a front display (both colour), it’s waterproof to 10m and you see how much it has evolved since it first came to the market.


GoPro is a well-known name among sports enthusiasts. That’s because this quality little camera can go practically anywhere you go. It’s sturdy and small enough to resist bumps and drops.


At 71.8 mm (width) by 50.8 mm (height) and 33.6 mm (depth), it can be mounted to a variety of accessories and be out of your way – those include tripods, selfie sticks, helmet mounts, handlebar mounts and more.


With a 23-megapixel sensor (photos), it supports videos in a variety of modes, including 16:9 aspect ratio on different resolutions, including 5.3K @ 60 fps, 4K @ 120 fps and 2.7K @ 240 fps. These are the maximum, but you can dial down to 60, 30 and 24 fps depending on the resolution and lens type you are using. And recording at those higher speeds gives you great slow motion footage too.


Photos are really good and there’s new support for improved HDR and a variety of photo settings, including timers and RAW capture. And if you record a 5.3K video you can get high-resolution stills from the stream, so you can have a camera that does both jobs if needed.


You also have an option to record videos starting from a set time, so you don’t have to be present when it starts recording.


The GoPro Hero10 comes with built-in GPS, so location information can be automatically added to your photos.


Voice control is another cool feature. If active, you can use the “GoPro” keyword to start commands such as “GoPro start recording” or “GoPro take a photo”. Going handsfree has never been easier, although it uses a bit more battery.


The touchscreen is more responsive than before (in my experience with the GoPro Hero9 Black) and overall the camera is snappier. But all this comes with new requirements. You can use your older microSD card, but you will be advised to upgrade to a faster one if you want to record higher resolution at higher speeds. I did get a new card for this camera and it is worth it.


With WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz available, transferring media to the mobile app is fast and easy. You can also use the app as a viewfinder and remote control the camera for a smoother start/stop without having to push any physical button on the camera itself – ideal in case you have found the perfect composition and don’t want to move the camera or risk moving it by accident.


Once you download your media you can edit on the phone or export to a local folder and upload to your computer. IF you have a GoPro subscription you have the option to synchronise to their cloud, automatically. The app also allows you to setup live streaming, with, Facebook Live and Twitch as options.


You can use the GoPro Hero10 as a webcam on your computer and it’s pretty easy. You only need to download and install a small application to your MacOS-based or Windows-based computer and plug the camera via USB. The catch here is that this application is in effect a network app on your computer and some firewall configuration might block it (I found this out when using a business laptop). 


The removable lens is easy to swap. You just need to twist the lens cap ¼ of the way in either direction to release it. This way you can swap it with different lenses, for example, a Max Lens Mod with wider FOV and horizon lock.


The basic camera has surprisingly effective video stabilisation, which means you can get some cool smooth footage without having to invest in a gimbal.


Optional accessories include a front-facing camera screen, external mic and a LED-based light for improved lighting when recording close content.




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