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Ilium Software suite for Smartphone review

Posted on 26-Apr-2004 18:16 by M Freitas | Filed under: Reviews

When my i-mate Smartphone2 (a Windows Mobile Smartphone) arrived I had to install some software to have the same functionality I was used on my Pocket PC. Ilium Software's eWallet, Dockware Pro, Keep Track and ListPro were my first choice of software to install on my new mobile device.

The beauty of this line up from Ilium Software is their flexibility. Some of these titles are available for a range of handheld devices, including desktop companions. For example I started using eWallet on my old Palm III. When I moved to the Pocket PC device I was happy that I could move my data file containing all passwords, credit card numbers, cheque account information, documents to my new device. And I was able to move this information once more, now to my Smartphone.

The application that I use most is eWallet. It's very easy to maintain the information on my desktop, and have it copied to a handheld. Or vice-versa. In the case of the Smartphone you have to manually copy the data file, since we currently have no file synchronisation on ActiveSync to this class of device.

The application allows the definition of a PIN that will lock all the password and personal information that must be kept away from prying eyes. The cool thing about this is that one PIN is the only thing you have to remember to have access to all others. You can define some security options, including a timeout to close the application if not in use for a certain amount of time. Or you can define a limit on the number of attempts to enter a PIN, to prevent a brute-force attack.

eWallet options, including security

We can create a classification based on categories, each with its own icon. Each card inside a category can be of different types, including websites, password, prescription, passport info, membership, voicemail info, bank account, credit card, free form and more. A background image can be defined for every card on your desktop software, although on the Smartphone you'll only see the icons, because of screen resolution.

Tree view

Icon view

Next is ListPro. I first used this product when we first published the dual review (Pocket PC and Palm). I enjoyed using it for a couple of lists I needed to keep with me most of the time. The Smartphone version of this software brings the same familiar interface to the even smaller screen of a mobile phone, but keeps the functionality. As eWallet, this program also has a Professional Edition, with a desktop companion, so you can easily enter new lists on a computer, and transfer the file to the Smartphone, for better mobility.

ListPro: list

Items in list, with different highlight

Using the Menu accessible by clicking the soft keys, I am able to view my lists in a variety of ways. I am able to filter columns, hide checked items, use different colours to highligh records, and sort my list. It also includes item alarms. The Smartphone functionality also includes the creation of new lists, based on user-defined templates.

Querying the list

Creating a list

Then we have DockWare Pro. This program brings a personalised calendar and clock to the Smartphone. Select images are shown in a slideshow while it's in the cradle. It can be set to start automatically after a certain time, or manually. A password can be set making it a easy to use locking software.

Different styles available

Selecting the slideshow properties

Of course the user can select what images will be shown, time between images and what effects to present during transition between them. The program comes with a few sample images, but I can select any image from my own collection. In the sample below the text "Ilium Software" and "DockWare" are actually part of the sample image. This will not show when using your own images.

The DockWare calendar and clock

The last program is Keep Track. We have a review of Keep Track Professional for Pocket PC, and I was impressed with the program back then. I'm also impressed with this version for Smartphone. Ilium Software actually managed to create a very easy to use transaction recording application, not only with basic functionality but also including some reporting features in it.

The options menu is very complete, including settings for PIN request on startup, set alternate colours in transaction list, category and account maintenance. You can also select a very handy one-touch entry for transactions.

My transaction list: change column sizes with * and # keys

Entering a record into the transaction list

Using One-touch to enter transactions

This is not a financial application, but rather a program that allows you to record transactions as you go, to enter then later on a proper financial program. But given the features on this version and on the Windows companion application, you might as well use Keep Track alone for some basic cheque, savings and even credit card account control. On your Smartphone you can query your balance, total transactions per category at any time you want.

My balances

Total transactions per type

As I said, these were the first programs installed on my Smartphone. Actually, the fact that I could have eWallet and ListPro on my Smartphone were paramount on my decision try a single smart device instead of carrying my Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Bluetooth mobile phone combo as I'm used to.

If you're interested, these titles from Ilium Software are available in our Geekzone Software Store Powered by Handango:

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