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Bluetake BT400 G5 Bluetooth headset review
Posted on 15-Feb-2005 00:15 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

Again it is time to check some of Bluetake's new products in the market. The BT400 G5 Bluetooth Headset is one of those little things that you can forget somewhere, so small and light it is. Imagine a device that is 82mm (L) x 53mm(W) x 24mm(H) and only 20g!

While the size is impressive, not less impressive is its capability of pairing with multiple Bluetooth devices. The BT400 G5 supports more than one pairing, and it will answer to a call coming into any paired mobile phone. I have tested this functionality with a Windows Mobile Smartphone i-mate Smartphone3 and a Sony Ericsson P800. The BT400 G5 managed to keep up even with multiple calls in a quick sequence, alternating mobile phones.

The headset supports two Bluetooth profiles: the Handsfree (HFP) and the more common Headset (HSP). Additional functionality is available when using it with a Handsfree compatible phone, including the use of voice dialing, where the mobile phone supports it. When using a headset initiated action the BT400 G5 will connect to the last mobile phone "seen" around, i.e. the last connection used - but without losing the pairing with other devices.

The sound quality is really good, and I actually think it was louder than the other headsets I have around here, including the very good Netcom GN 6110.

The plastic body is painted with a silver colour, with a ribbed rubber strip over its body. This is where I found a problem: because both the On/Off and the Answer buttons are located on this rubber strip it is easy to get lost when trying to press one of the buttons without looking. I guess you can get used after some time - the Answer button is the third one from the tip, and the On/Off is the second to last one.

An interesting note is a Chinese character on this rubber strip - visiting the Bluetake website I have noticed that it translates as "Fish" into English. This is very appropriate, because the body does remind me of a small fish.

The volume buttons are locate in each side of the body, close to the tip, and very easy to find.

A LED located in the middle of the rubber strip indicates if the headset is On or in Pairing mode. As usual the default PIN is 0000, and the device enters Pairing mode if the On/Off button is pressed a few seconds from the Off position. Discovery is quick and had no problem with pairing with multiple devices.

The ear hook is a flexible U shapped plastic, covered with a satin finished rubber. The speaker is a little stub that projects the sound inside your ear - perhaps this is why it's so clear and loud. The ear hook swivels from side to side and can be turned upside down and inside out for use on the left or right ear.

The stub accomodates a 13mm speaker, with a frequency response from 300Hz ~ 3.4KHz.

Users on the other side of the did not complain of any echo or noise - even though I've used the headset multiple times inside a car with air conditioning on or with windows open.

In terms of battery life we can't complain. Its rechargeable Li-Polymer (3.7V, 120mA) battery provides up to 250 hours stand by or 5 hours talk time with a full charge. And as an advantage it uses the same charger as other Bluetake models. It means that I can use the USB charging cable from the Bluetake BT420 EX Bluetooth Stereo headset (read our review).

I've noticed a small problem with the charging process: as soon as I remove the charging tip from the headset it turns itself off, instead of staying on. So this is something to keep in mind.

The BT400 G5 Bluetooth headset is a Class 2 device, meaning it can be used up to 5~10 meters (in open space) from the mobile phone or computer.

The square box contains the headset itself, the instructions manual and a charger. Bluetake offers the charger in different models, for Eureopan, British, Australian/New Zealand and North American markets.
  • Very light
  • Good looking
  • Good sound
  • Multiple device pairing

  • Confusing controls on the ribbed rubber strip

  • More information:

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