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Blue Ant Supertooth II Bluetooth portable handsfree review
Posted on 20-Jun-2005 16:17 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

Australian company Blue Ant is now selling the Supertooth II Bluetooth portable handsfree device. The AUD$199 (US$155) device is an ideal complement for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or even for a Bluetooth equipped laptop or destop computer.

The Supertooth II is an evolution of Supertooth (read our review), another Bluetooth handsfree device. Both devices are branded by Blue Ant in Australia, but also available in another countries with other brands. The Blue Ant website links to on-line retailers and a list of brick and mortar shops selling their product range - which includes a Bluetooth car kit and Bluetooth stereo mp3 player.

The Blue Ant Supertooth II

There are a few differences between the original Supertooth (read our review) and theSupertooth II. The most notable is the incredible 800 hours standby on the new model, with a very good 20 hours talk time. Add to this the fact that you can charge the Supertooth II with a wall charger or a cigarette light charger and we then have a very mobile handsfree solution.

Other differences include a smaller form factor (although the weight is the same at 130g), a brushed steel face, a swivel arm-mounted microphone that also serves as the on-off switch and a better volume knob.

The Blue Ant Supertooth II and the original Supertooth

The Blue Ant Supertooth II provides the user with a handsfree solution with a 10m range (Bluetooth Class II). Since it supports both Bluetooth Handsfree and Headset profiles it can work with almost any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone in the market. The manual lists precise instructions on how to pair and use the Supertooth II with a variety of mobile phones, including models from RIM (Blackberry), Motorola, Nokia, palmOne Treo 650, Sagem, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, HP (iPAQ h6315/h6365/h6385), i-mate (i-mate PDA2k, i-mate Smartphone2, i-mate Jam), and some variants of Windows Mobile Smartphone (Orange SPV C500, Qtek 2020, i-mate Smartphone2). This by far the best user manual I've seem for any Bluetooth device.

One great feature is the ability to pair with more than one Bluetooth device. I tried this with both a Windows Mobile Smartphone (Motorola MPx220) and a Pocket PC Phone Edition (Audiovox xv6600 or Harrier) and it worked very well.

Comparing the size: Blue Ant Supertooth II and Motorola MPx220

Being a portable handsfree device it can be installed and removed from the sun visor very easily. A clip is supplied and it can be attached to the Supertooth II through a couple of very strong magnets. During the day I have it on my desk, where I can use it as a speakerphone for my mobile phone, even conducting conference calls.

The Blue Ant Supertooth II on a sun visor, with the microphone in the ON position

The voice quality is very good, and a special DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides noise cancellation and echo suppresion. No one on the other side of a call complained about the sound, and the 50mm speaker provides very good sound.

Calls can be easily transferred from and to a mobile phone, and the Supertooth II supports voice dialing and redial (on handsfree profile only).

The Supertooth II works very well with a Bluetooth equipped PC (if the headset profile is present) and I had no problems using it to record and playback sounds, making it a very good option for a speakerphone set for use with Skype or other software. Since it can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time, it is perfect for use on a small office or home office situation - well even on a larger office, if you want to use a softphone and have the option of using a speakerphone sometimes.

  • Better looking than previous model
  • Very long battery life
  • Comes with car and wall chargers
  • Can pair with multiple devices
  • Great manual with clear instructions - 66 pages covering all sorts of mobile phones and PDAs

  • This is another product I can't find a problem to report here

  • More information:

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