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Yahoo! Introduces Yahoo! Go

Posted on 7-Jan-2006 12:18 | Filed under: News

Yahoo! Inc. has announced the launch of Yahoo! Go, a new suite of products designed to extend the company's reach beyond the Web browser. Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel featured the new Yahoo! Go products in his keynote at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

"Yahoo! Go allows us to free the best of what the Internet has to offer from the confines of the browser and provides consumers fast and easy access to the essential products and services they know and love," said Terry Semel, chairman and CEO, Yahoo!. "Yahoo! is well positioned to provide a seamlessly connected experience that delivers the services our hundreds of millions of loyal users want -- whenever, wherever and however they want to connect."

Yahoo! Go will work on specific mobile phones, Internet-connected TVs as well as the standard personal computer.

Yahoo! Go Mobile integrates the Internet into the mobile phone experience by combining real-time connectivity with community, information and content services from across the web. Yahoo! Go Mobile also integrates the company's communications services with the phone's built-in e-mail, messaging, address book and calendar applications.

This new service will be the first time Yahoo! has brought a set of the company's products and full access to services across the Web into a single mobile application. Yahoo! Go Mobile will also connect the company's communications services to the mobile device's built-in e-mail, messaging, address book and calendar applications, giving consumers one reliable source for the information they find most vital. For example, if a user loses their mobile device, their saved contact information will still be available to them on the web, and easily synched with a new mobile device.

In the United States, Yahoo! will launch Yahoo! Go Mobile with AT&T companies and Cingular Wireless in three markets and with AT&T and Cingular within the traditional AT&T 13-state local service footprint. The companies also plan a co-branded AT&T Yahoo! Go Mobile service designed to allow new and existing AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet subscribers to take their personalized Internet experience with them on their Cingular Wireless mobile device.

Internationally, Nokia and Yahoo! will launch Yahoo! Go Mobile to consumers in 10 countries across Europe and Asia. Consumers purchasing select Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681 and Nokia N70 devices will receive Yahoo! Go Mobile pre-installed. As an option, consumers can download the Yahoo! Go Mobile application directly onto these devices.

"Yahoo! Go Mobile is a revolutionary step toward connecting Internet users to their favorite web services on their mobile devices and also making the Internet accessible to millions of consumers around the world who do not have a personal computer," said Marco Boerries, senior vice president, Connected Life, Yahoo!. "By partnering with AT&T, Cingular and Nokia, Yahoo! has created a truly unique opportunity to launch a new service that is unmatched in the market. We have listened to consumers and are excited to give them what they want -- a single way to simply connect to all of their information and content while on the go."

The launch of this service is also the first time Yahoo! has offered the ability to register for a new Yahoo! ID directly from a mobile device. Consumers will be able to access the service through the Yahoo! Go icon on their mobile device.

Some of the key features of Yahoo! Go Mobile include support for Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail (including real-time notification of new e-mails), Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Photos, Yahoo! Address Book, Yahoo! Calendar and Yahoo! News, Sports, Finance and Games.

Yahoo! Go Desktop is a suite of applications that will make it easy for consumers to keep up-to-date on and interact with their world of information. Consumers will be able to use the individual Yahoo! Go Desktop services to connect to the information online, but without having to open a browser window on their personal computer.

The initial services available as part of Yahoo! Go Desktop will be the Yahoo! Widgets Engine and a Yahoo! Go Desktop dashboard. The Yahoo! Go Desktop dashboard will connect consumers' personal content to their services and their Internet community.

The Yahoo! Widget Engine is an application that allows light-weight files called "Widgets" to live directly on a user's desktop and perform a variety of tasks, such as checking for wi-fi presence or strength, finding contacts in an address book, viewing a user's calendar, or checking their latest e-mail. Widgets are built on an open platform, which allows any third party developer to build and distribute their own widgets.

There are more than 1,500 Widgets available today and the company expects to make the Yahoo! Go Desktop dashboard available in the coming months.

The widgets engine is part of the Konfabulator product, acquired by Yahoo! a few months ago.