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Sharp 904SH Launches on Vodafone K.K. With Bluetooth Multiplayer Game and Face Recognition
Posted on 28-Feb-2006 22:39 | Tags Filed under: News

Sharp 904SH Launches on Vodafone K.K. With Bluetooth Multiplayer Game and Face Recognition
Vodafone K.K (Japan) has announced a series of features that will be available on its Vodafone 904SH 3G handset, made by Sharp. The Vodafone 904SH will be the first 3G mobile handset to feature a VGA LCD (liquid crystal display ), with 480 x 640 pixels.

Its VGA LCD provides four times the resolution of current QVGA LCDs, making it possible to reproduce images and render small characters with enhanced sharpness.

The handset will also introduce a series of new services using Bluetooth technology for wireless short-range communications. With Bluetooth V-applis, friends will be able to enjoy instant messaging and multiplayer games within an approximate 10-metre radius, free of charge.

The 904SH will have a total of 5 pre-installed Bluetooth V-applis, including the instant messaging application "Near Chat". Customers will also be able to download more Bluetooth V-applis from Vodafone live! More Bluetooth V-appli compatible handsets are also planned for the future.

The 904SH is also featuring a new Motion Control Sensor, which measures the handset position in all directions in 3D, plus directional acceleration. To showcase the applications of the new Motion Control Sensor, the Vodafone 904SH comes with a pre-installed trial version of "Seiza o Sagaso", an application that displays constellations in real time depending on which way a mobile handset is pointed towards the sky.

An extra security is added with its Face Recognition feature for enhanced security and privacy protection. This feature authenticates customers by scanning their facial features.

It utilises the sub-camera located close to the main display to recognise customers by sensing the position of their eyes, eyebrows, mouth and other facial features. By pre-registering a customer's face and a secret question and answer, the camera will automatically activate when the handset is opened and authenticate a customer in less than a second.

When the Face Recognition function is enabled the keypad will be locked until the handset is opened and the pre-registered customer's facial features matched. Also, if facial features cannot be properly sensed due to dark or backlight conditions, the face and secret question of the person who opens the handset will be displayed and the handset can be unlocked by entering the appropriate answer.

The new phone also supports existing 3G services like Vodafone live! FeliCa for e-money and e-ticketing and Vodafone live! NAVI for GPS navigation.

This new handset is compatible with WCDMA (UMTS), and GSM networks (900/1800/1900MHz). It will offer 20MB free RAM and a miniSD slot for memory expansion.

Vodafone K.K. plans to introduce the Face Recognition function to future 3G handsets. The 904SH is scheduled to go on sale in late April 2006 as a new 3G handset.

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