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NetFront v3.3 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC with JV-Lite2 (Java)
Posted on 23-Jun-2006 08:10 | Tags Filed under: Software

The new version of Access NetFront v3.3 Microbrowser supports rich functions such as Rapid-Render, Smart-Fit Rendering, Multi-Window and Auto-Cruise. Java applets run with JV-Lite2 VM as Java plug-in.

New features in version 3.3
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5.0/PocketPC 2003/2003 Second Edition
  • Smart Frame Operation
  • Enables you to operate pages with frames on a small Pocket PC screen. With Smart-Fit Rendering, you can enjoy smoother browsing.
  • Supports RSS (RDF Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication) and Atom Feed Since RSS and Atom Feed file formats for content distribution using XML are supported, you can view updated information for blogs or news sites.
  • WebData/Password Manager Centralizes and manages the username/password information entered by a user.
  • Pop-up block Prevents pop-up windows from opening, such as advertisements, which you do not intend to receive.
  • Rendering on a virtual-size screen (Virtual Canvas) You can render data not only at the actual size of the screen, but also at a virtual screen size that you set.
  • Page translation
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5.0 soft key
  • NetFront SMIL Player, supporting 3GPP SMIL and W3C's SMIL Basic
  • NetFront SVG Viewer, supporting W3C's SVG Tiny1.1

    Rich functions specifically designed for Pocket PC:
  • Rapid-Render (Speeds up displaying the Web page by displaying the HTML text and the hyperlinks first,then displaying images and tables)
  • Client authentication
  • Multi-Window Browsing (open up to five windows at once)
  • Smart-Fit Rendering mode (For easy view, this function fits the Web page to the size of the PDA screen. This function also enables you to browse general Web pages without using the horizontal scroll bar)
  • Supports Macromedia Flash
  • Drag-Scroll allows you to scroll by dragging the stylus
  • Internet search bar
  • File upload/download
  • Bookmark, and Page Memo
  • Save Image
  • Simplified and advanced setup for display, animated GIF, tables, JavaScript and CSS
  • External application helper to launch applications such as MediaPlayer, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel
  • Off-line browsing
  • Resized display
  • Auto-Cruise enhancement

    Java support:
  • JV-Lite2 CE Edition for Pocket PC as Java plug-in -Sun Microsystems J2ME CDC compliant
  • J2ME CDC-HI is implemented
  • Sample applets included

    Supports latest W3C specifications:
  • HTML4.01, XHTML1.1, cHTML, XHTML Basic 1.0, WML1.3
  • CSS 1 & 2
  • ECMAScript 3rd Edition (JavaScript 1.5)
  • DOM and Dynamic HTML
  • GIF, animated GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG and MNG
  • HTTP/1.1
  • SSL2.0/3.0,TLS1.0
  • Cookies

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