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DSL Reaches 164 Millions Subscribers Worldwide
Posted on 23-Sep-2006 18:02 | Tags Filed under: News

DSL Reaches 164 Millions Subscribers Worldwide
Global subscriptions to DSL services rocketed to 164 million by 30 June 2006, according to the latest data produced for the international DSL Forum by industry analyst Point Topic. Worldwide, the number of business and residential users selecting DSL (digital subscriber line) for broadband access increased by almost 46 million – a growth of 38% in the 12 months.

Another 18 million broadband subscribers in European Union (EU) countries chose DSL in the year to 30 June 2006, a growth of 45% that reinforces the region’s global leadership. There are more than 56 million DSL subscribers in the EU, accounting for more than one-third of the global total.

South and South East Asia increased its global market share of total DSL subscribers to 22%, adding more than 13 million new subscribers in the 12 months to 30 June 2006. China contributed the bulk of this growth (up 11.6 million), and India began to establish its broadband society, adding more than 1.3 million subscribers to DSL, the fastest growing market worldwide.

Latin America added more than three million DSL subscribers, with Brazil (up 1.19 million) and Mexico (up 939,000) leading the way. In the Middle East and Africa, growth was dominated by Turkey (up 1.3 million) – the second fastest moving DSL subscriber market worldwide.

In North America, DSL is steadily increasing its share of the total broadband market and now accounts for more than 46% of the region’s broadband subscribers. In the period, broadband DSL (up 6.36 million) added more subscribers than cable modem (up 5.45 million), with growth in Canada (DSL up 22.2%) and the USA (DSL up 32.7%) both far outstripping cable modem growth.

At 30 June 2006, 16 countries had passed the two million DSL subscriber mark – Australia (2.6 million), Turkey (2 million) and Mexico (2 million) achieving that number in the period.

New Zealand added 175,502 new DSL subscribers in the 12 months to 30 June 2006, bringing the total figure to 435,000, corresponding to a growth of 67.6% in the year.

China extended its DSL population to 33 million, the largest of any country and more than 10 million subscribers ahead of the USA (23 million) in second place. Following in order are Japan (14.8 million), Germany (11.6 million), France (11 million), UK (8.8 million), Italy (7.2 million), South Korea (6.4 million), Spain (4.5 million), Taiwan (3.8 million) and Brazil (3.8 million).

Of the emerging DSL nations, significant subscriber increases were seen in Vietnam (147% increase), the Czech Republic (143%), Morocco (141%) and Russia (130%).

In eight countries, over 25% of telephone lines are now delivering broadband services over DSL, rising to a third in France and almost 40% in Finland.

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