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TomTom Go 720 GPS review
Posted on 26-Aug-2008 19:59 by M Freitas | Tags Filed under: Reviews

The TomTom Go 720 is not the latest model from the TomTom lineup but it is still available here in New Zealand through some retailers. I have had this device for a couple of months and used it all over the country - around Wellington, on road trips to the north and back.

In terms of size, the unit is not much different than the TomTom One XL we reviewed last year. It does have a different body covered with a rubber-type coat, and a special clip in the back.

The unit comes with plenty of memory to store maps, updates, multimedia files but also accepts SD cards for memory expansion.

The 4.3" touch screen is very easy to read even under the sun, and the voice instructions come clear and well defined. You have the option to use many different voice sets and can purchase more through their TomTom Home PC program.

When paired with a Bluetooth phone the TomTom Go 720 can be used as a speakerphone and if Bluetooth dial up is available it can download traffic information and more - even notify you when a friend is nearby by using the "buddy" feature. This feature allows your unit to know your friend's location and show it on the map.

Another feature enabled when paired to a phone is the ability to download your contacts' information and allow you to dial from the TomTom Go 720 using the Bluetooth link. This is also automatically enabled for your POIs (Points of Interest), with the difference that all those phone numbers are downloaded with map updates.

Unlike the TomTom One XL we reviewed before, the TomTom Go 720 is fast when recalculating routes. It can also fix very quickly, thanks to small update fles it downloads with information about satellite locations.

The TomTom Home program on your PC allows you to update maps, install new features, update the software and more. It also provides a tool that allows you to remote control the unit from your PC - and that's how I took the following screenshots showing some of the main features and menus:

I found the TomTom Go 720 to be very accurate - again much better than the previous model. Where the TomTom One XL would tell me I was driving on the other side of an inlet, the TomTom Go 720 was precise, always showing the correct location.

Another interesting feature is the ability to download - and upload - updated information provided by the community. Users can contribute by providing this updated information to the "network". Anything like speed information, points of interest, direction changes, etc can be updated and shared.

It also comes with a built-in document reader, photo gallery and a music jukebox.

- quick fix and fast route calculation
- nice design
- clear and bright touch screen
- plenty of multimedia features

- Sometimes instructions are given too close to the turn - or in rapid succesion such as two consecutives roundabouts.

More information:

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