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The 2010 Miniconfs have put out their Call for Miniconf Papers
Posted on 8-Sep-2009 09:09 | Tags Filed under: News

The coming LCA2010 will be held at the Wellington Convention Centre in Wellington, New Zealand from Monday 18th January to Saturday 23rd January 2010. LCA2010 is fun, informal and seriously technical, bringing together Free and Open Source developers, users and community champions from around the world. LCA2010 is the second time has been held in New Zealand, with the first being Dunedin in 2006.

Miniconfs are an important part of, allowing 1-day long dedicated streams for specific communities of interest over the course of two days. The Call for Miniconf Papers marks another opportunity for delegates to submit session proposals to a Miniconf of their choosing for selection. Among the Miniconfs being held in Wellington next year are - "The Business of Open Source", "Education", "Free the Cloud", and "Open and the Public Sector".

"We are thrilled with the line up of Miniconfs, and expect to see many papers being submitted" says Francois Marier, LCA2010 Miniconf Coordinator. "We would also like to encourage the many people who submitted papers to the main conference to also participate in the two days of Miniconfs."

Arduino Miniconf
The concept of Free / Open Source Software, already well understood by LCA attendees, is complemented by a rapidly growing community focused around Open Hardware and "maker culture". One of the drivers of the popularity of the Open Hardware community is easy access to cheap devices such as Arduino, which is a micro-controller development board originally intended for classroom use but now a popular building block in all sorts of weird and wonderful hobbyist and professional projects.

The Arduino Miniconf is looking for presentations that cover topics such as specific techniques ("Compiling Arduino apps from the command line") and projects ("How I built an Arduino-controlled autonomous submarine"). Topics can cover either hardware, software, or both.

To submit a proposal:

The Business of Open Source Miniconf
The "Business of Open Source" Miniconf is for people interested in business aspects of open source. Topics include licensing your work, building a market, building a community, gathering market data, distribution, communications, working with Open Source developers, working with governments and countries, working with procurement departments, corporate governance, funding, pricing, lessons from your experience, and whatever related topics people would like to bring up. Whether you are a student working on a one-person Open Source project, own your own Open Source consulting company, or create Open Source strategy for a multi-billion dollar company, this Miniconf hopes to bring different people together to exchange thoughts and facilitate discussion about these topics.

To submit a proposal:

Data Storage and Retrieval Miniconf
All Linux users and developers need to store data and retrieve it in a timely and reliable fashion. All levels of the operating system are used to make this happen, from the storage devices and their drivers, to the file system, all the way to the database.

If you have something to say about storage hardware, file systems, RAID, LVM, databases or anything else Linux and storage related, please submit early and submit often!

To submit a proposal:

Distro Summit
The Distro Summit will have a strong focus on collaboration between Free Software distributions. We are looking for proposals from any Free Software distribution, from the typical full distributions (both Linux and non-Linux) to the niche market derivatives.

In spite of the strong focus on collaboration between Free Software distributions, topics may include packaging, maintenance, relationship with upstream developers, release management and QA.

To submit a proposal:

Education Miniconf
The Education Miniconf will focus on educational uses of Free and Open Source initiatives used around the world, including tools for teaching and school management.

It will provide talks and workshops directly useful to educators, administrators and those interested in supporting education initiatives and/or influencing their direction and uptake.

To submit a proposal:

Free the Cloud!
Personal computers are giving way to netbooks and mobile devices. The browser has become the main UI for end-user applications. Enterprises are moving from data centres to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hosted solutions. As computing ascends into the cloud, what will be the role of Free and Open Source software? And how will we preserve the hard-won advantages FLOSS provides?

In this Miniconf, we will discuss the theoretical and practical frameworks for freedom in the cloud; review the use of FLOSS and Open Content for consumer protection and to avoid business lock-in; and survey the Free Software that is providing an alternative to proprietary Web sites and cloud services.

To submit a proposal:

Haecksen and Linuxchix Miniconf
This Miniconf is primarily organised by members of - people who play and work with Linux. However, this does not reflect the true range of women who are working and playing with all sorts of technology in Australasia and the Pacific: smart crafters, OLPC volunteers and, of course, many FLOSS contributors. We chose haecksen - the German feminine for "hacker" as a way to reflect this diversity and engagement with technology.

We would like to ensure a mix of listening and participating. As such, if anyone is interested in running a panel or discussion we would like to encourage them to submit. Suggested topics include: systems administration, networking, smart crafting, usability, cloud computing, professional development, the loyalty tax, community involvement, imposter syndrome, virtual servers, security, social engineering, hardware hacking, submitting your first patch.

To submit a proposal:

Libre Graphics Day
Do you develop, use, document, or train with Free Software Graphix tools? Tools such as GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender, Krita, Sk1, Fontforge and Fontmatrix. Are you involved in the testing and development of the sub-systems and libraries on which these apps depend? Perhaps you can share expertise in the 'How' of Libre Graphics? Could you talk about Design techniques and workflow? Pre- press, or Themes and Skins for open source web frameworks. What about Digital asset management? What about the Why? Communication strategy and effective marketing using graphic design. Open Source publishing? What about Digital Art just for Art's sake? Perhaps you have other ideas that relate to Libre Graphics?

We're calling for presentations related to Free Software in the Graphics domain, and aim to provide an environment for cross-project collaboration to build understanding of shared problems, and work towards shared solutions. Most of all, we just wanna have fun, and bring some of the Libre Graphics Love to the southern hemisphere.

To submit a proposal:

Multicore and Parallel Programming Miniconf
The Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconf offers a space to learn about Open Source contributions (existent or in progess) to the problem of developing parallel software. It aims to launch a conversation on how the Open Source Community, the Education sector, Scientists and Researchers, Developers and the Industry are looking at this new scenario. We invite presentations with a broad scope from specific code and technical developments, direct applications (i.e. games industry, HPC, etc) and scientific research to training on parallel programming and how the Open Source model will be central to developing a sustainable platform for multicore and parallel computing.

To submit a proposal:

Multimedia Miniconf
The aim of this Miniconf is to allow Linux audio and video developers and users to meet and share ideas, and also to discuss multimedia-related issues with the developers of the kernel, networking and desktop systems. For all users, it will be a great way to see and hear the variety of tools available and to contribute.

The Multimedia Miniconf is an event for technical people, ordinary users, and artists that share an interest in Open Source media software. The event will offer talks with the latest updates on open source media software and standards around them, such as the recent HTML5 video element.

To submit a proposal:

Open and the Public Sector
Free Software, Open Data, and Open APIs are already changing government: lowering costs, exposing waste, increasing transparency, and permitting citizens to use and extend government information and services. Though already making a difference, adoption is by no means as widespread as would make sense. While the benefits seem obvious to proponents, public sector IT managers often see considerable obstacles to adoption of free software,open data and practices.

This Miniconf will provide a forum to discuss the issues around Free Software use and Open Government practices as well as showcase some success stories and initiatives.

To submit a proposal:

Open Programming Languages Miniconf
The Open Programming Languages Miniconf invites presentations about all programming languages with an Open Source implementation, such as Perl, Python, C, PHP and Ruby. Topics may include recent developments in open programming languages, interface design, portability and packaging, coding applications with cool new libraries and frameworks, and showing off the use of novel programming techniques.

Whilst most talks will be specific to a single language, the focus of this Miniconf will be on sharing techniques, best practices and values amongst programmers of all open programming languages.

To submit a proposal:

System Administration Miniconf
The Systems Administration Miniconf will focus on tips, tricks, tools, and best practices used to manage real-world Linux environments both large and small. Attendees of this Miniconf will improve their ability to manage their Linux systems environment both now and in the future.

An important goal will be to provide talks directly useful to professional Linux administrators. Topics can include: Systems Administration, Backups, Security, Troubleshooting, Buying Decisions, Virtualisation, Enterprise Monitoring and Management, Identity Management, Web and Email management, Wiki, Clustering and High Availability, Log Management, Spam and Virus Filtering, VOIP, Ticketing systems, Bootstrapping and automated installation, Configuration Management and packaging.

We strongly welcome topics on best practice, new developments in systems administration and cutting edge techniques to better manage Linux hosts and environments.

To submit a proposal:

Wave Developers
The Google Wave team is organising a Miniconf to provide the Wave community with a forum in which to share ideas, techniques and code. We are interested in talks covering any aspect of Google Wave, from APIs to federation to independent implementations to research - the only requirement is that any code must be Open Source.

To submit a proposal:

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