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Unisys introduces new ClearPath Server models, software

Posted on 20-Jun-2012 16:22 | Filed under: News

Unisys introduces new ClearPath Server models, software
Unisys Corporation has announced system, software and services enhancements for its flagship ClearPath server family that expand clients’ options for computing power, mobility, openness and IT cost management.

The enhancements are include a new ClearPath Libra 460 system, the first model in the company’s flagship line of enterprise servers to be based on the new Intel Xeon Processor E5 family; new releases of the ClearPath MCP and OS 2200 operating environments that enhance clients’ mobility, security and data center management capabilities; and ClearPath TCO Assessment Service, which enables clients to evaluate and address the total cost of ownership of their ClearPath computing environment.

“We continue to evolve our ClearPath server family to help our clients integrate new capabilities and trends such as mobility while providing the superior security, reliability and price-performance they’ve come to expect,” said Bill Maclean, vice president, ClearPath portfolio management, Unisys. “Our latest ClearPath enhancements give clients greater power and flexibility to modernise their mission-critical applications, manage ClearPath resources from mobile devices, and maximise the cost-efficiency of their IT environment.”

The ClearPath Libra 460 server is the latest step in Unisys’ ongoing migration of the ClearPath line to an Intel processor architecture. The new model is an entry-level system that delivers a 60 percent improvement in performance over the ClearPath Libra 300,1 while supporting more than 65 percent more internal storage. The Libra 460 uses a high-performance Intel E5 processor to support growing client demands for both batch and on-line transaction processing.

The Libra 460 also supports a series of special-purpose processors, called specialty engines, that extend the functionality and open capabilities of the ClearPath environment.

Two of those specialty engines – MCP JProcessor and Crypto Processor – are native to the Libra platform, so clients need not purchase additional hardware. These specialty engines give users access to innovative capabilities for developing open-source applications quickly and cost-effectively. With the JProcessor, clients can develop and integrate Java applications and use SOA technologies to create composite solutions. The Crypto processor enables asynchronous encryption, reinforcing the ClearPath system’s intrinsic security.

The Libra 460 can also support the ClearPath ePortal for MCP specialty engine. This engine enables clients to integrate mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into the ClearPath application environment. With the ePortal, developers can use industry-standard software tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, to quickly web-enable enterprise applications without changing the applications themselves. The developers can replace outmoded text-only application interfaces with graphic looks familiar to users of modern mobile applications.

Basic configurations of the ClearPath Libra 460 are priced from US$31,000.

MCP Release 14 and OS 2200 Release 13.1 – for the Libra and Dorado systems, respectively – are the latest releases of the ClearPath operating environments. As with all new ClearPath operating system enhancements, each release is a stack of software products – more than 125 in MCP and more than 115 in OS 2200 – integrated and tested as a unit. This integration enables clients to migrate applications transparently from one release to another, with no need to change operating procedures or recompile.

The new releases of MCP and OS 2200 include enhanced capabilities for application modernisation and availability, security, data center and IT productivity, and more.

MCP Release 14 includes Unisys ClearPath MCP Mobile Monitor, an app that enables an administrator to monitor the performance of a ClearPath MCP server from any place at any time through an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. The mobile administrator can check factors such as system utilisation, input/output rate, available memory, waiting entries and workload management policy compliance. If any problems arise, administrators can take corrective action by entering the relevant MCP system commands.

The new ClearPath TCO Assessment Service enables clients to evaluate the annual costs for a full range of factors in their ClearPath IT environment, including hardware and software; storage; network connectivity; application licensing costs; application development and support personnel; and facilities, such as power, cooling, space and equipment.

Through the full-scale or “mini-TCO” report that results from the analysis, IT decision makers can gain a better understanding not only of aggregate costs, but also of critical granular details such as costs vs. SLA attainment and the cost of processing business items most relevant to their enterprise. They can also benchmark their findings against metrics for peer organisations. This thorough picture enables IT executives to identify where they can and should make cost adjustments.

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