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Geekzone Blog update, On-line chat information
Posted on 22-May-2006 22:13Tags Blog, Site information, by M Freitas

A few housekeeping notes regarding the official Geekzone Blog, and the weekly on-line chat. Comments (Comments)

HTC Star Trek (i-mate SmartFlip) Review on
Posted on 16-Mar-2006 22:57Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas

Just got a note from the guys who have done a review of this very thin Windows Mobile Smartphone. Comments (Comments)

BUZeeBee Looking For a Logo
Posted on 16-Mar-2006 17:44Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas is looking for a logo for a new product and will reward the winning design with 100 shares in the company. Comments (Comments)

New UMPC websites
Posted on 13-Mar-2006 20:15Tags Blog, Mini notebooks, by M Freitas

A couple of links to UMPC discussion and news websites. Comments (Comments)

Microsoft New Zealand Security Seminar
Posted on 12-Mar-2006 23:46Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas

This Security Seminar is not only for IT Administrators, but for developers too. Comments (Comments)

Wellington Office User Group Created
Posted on 10-Mar-2006 20:32Tags Blog, Windows, by M Freitas

The group aims to cater to the interests of Information Workers, Power Users, and Office Developers. Comments (Comments)

Intel UMPC Website Live
Posted on 9-Mar-2006 08:28Tags Blog, Mini notebooks, by M Freitas

If you are interested in the UMPC platform, Intel has updated their microsite with more information and a video. Comments (Comments)

Rant: Why Companies Bother Having E-mail Addresses on the Press Page?
Posted on 9-Mar-2006 07:48Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas

Why companies as BenQ Mobile, Asus, Acer, HTC bother having a contact e-mail on their Press page if they have no intention of even replying to e-mails? Comments (Comments)

Technorati Help Desk, Where Are You?
Posted on 7-Mar-2006 18:07Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas

What's going on with Technorati? I've sent a question to their support e-mail and received back the confirmation with a case number - but no reply. Comments (Comments)

VoIP for Palm Powered Handhelds
Posted on 5-Mar-2006 10:05Tags Blog, Software, by M Freitas is offering a VoIP program for Palm handhelds. Comments (Comments)

Vote for Geekzone in the Netguide Web Awards
Posted on 4-Mar-2006 19:00Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas

You are based in New Zealand and get your daily tech news from Geekzone. Why note vote for us in the Netguide Web Awards? Comments (Comments)

Microsoft Office Live Domain Watch Page
Posted on 4-Mar-2006 18:37Tags Blog, Windows, by M Freitas

If you want to track how many people are in the beta (or an approximate number, since not everyone would have had a domain registered, I would have thought) there is a webpage that can help you on this. Comments (Comments)

Two O2 Xda Atom Reviews for Your Pleasure
Posted on 4-Mar-2006 18:11Tags Blog, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, by M Freitas

That's right folks, if you have been eyeing the O2 Xda Atom then there are a couple of reviews available on the Internet now for your reading pleasure. Comments (Comments)

AKU2 Update for i-mate K-Jam: What works and not
Posted on 3-Mar-2006 22:31Tags Blog, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

By now you probably have heard of a new Windows Mobile 5.0 release being (slowly) rolled out for some Pocket PC and Smartphone models. Comments (Comments)

How Not to Treat the Recon Pocket PC
Posted on 1-Mar-2006 17:10Tags Blog, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

A lot of companies say their Pocket PC is tough. But Recon shows us how tough with a (promotional) video. Comments (Comments)

SMS Notifier for Pocket PC
Posted on 28-Feb-2006 22:23Tags Blog, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

What does your Pocket PC Phone Edition do when a call is not answered? You can teach it some new tricks. Comments (Comments)

The Start Button Evolution
Posted on 25-Feb-2006 11:12Tags Blog, Windows, by M Freitas

Microsoft Windows has been part of our daily lives for longer than 10 years. But the well known Start Button appeared just over 10 years ago. In this decade it assumed quite a few different forms. Comments (Comments)

What is Origami Project?
Posted on 24-Feb-2006 14:53Tags Blog, Computing, by M Freitas

The buzz around is that this could be a specialised communicator device based on a National Semiconductor's design originally presented during the COMDEX. Comments (Comments)

Experience Mobility
Posted on 24-Feb-2006 09:02Tags Blog, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Fellow MVP Jack Cook has launched his own blog on mobility. Comments (Comments)

Is This an Actual HP iPAQ rw6828?
Posted on 24-Feb-2006 08:24Tags Blog, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

Rumours, rumours: will HP be entering the consumer segment of the Pocket PC Phone market? Comments (Comments)

Palm Australia/New Zealand: Alive and Kicking
Posted on 22-Feb-2006 00:18Tags Blog, Palm, by M Freitas

Rumours in the Australian market sugested local Palm subsidiary could be preparing the terrain for a takeover - but the official word is "all well". Comments (Comments)

To Telecom and Vodafone Store Managers and Everyone Else
Posted on 20-Feb-2006 09:23Tags Blog, Mobile, by M Freitas

Mobile operators should work to turn customers into clients. And it depends on after sales service. Comments (Comments)

Guy's How to Suck Up to a Blogger
Posted on 19-Feb-2006 14:05Tags Blog, Blog, by M Freitas

Guy Kawasaki has put up an interesting list on this topic... Comments (Comments)

Cingular 2125 Smartphone Review at Mobility Site
Posted on 19-Feb-2006 09:02Tags Blog, Windows Phone, by M Freitas

An interesting review of this new option from Cingular, first Smartphone after its Audiovox SMT5600 series so talked about. Comments (Comments)

Bill Gates Video Interview on Channel 9
Posted on 16-Feb-2006 11:41Tags Blog, Windows, by M Freitas

He does use Hotmail and watch 24... Comments (Comments)

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