If you have broadband with Slingshot, you will most likely have received a survey recently. Slingshot has been using this survey to better understand the experience of our customers (and so we can adapt). In short, we are listening to our customers and the results have largely been very very good. Similarly we continue to identify new ways to improve this performance (and your feedback helps us)

If you are experiencing problematic broadband performance, (or great performance), this is a good place to talk about it.  There are a wide variety of reasons why a particular customer might have a problem with their broadband.

Examples Include:

Modem and modem configuration (including MTU and DNS)
In-house Wiring
Line filters (some old line filters really reduce performance, and not using them creates reliability issues)
Street side Pillar and effect of rain
Copper to cabinet and exchange
Exchange Port profile and port itself
Backhaul from exchange to nearest point of interconnect
National Backhaul into our core network
Core network infrastructure
Domestic interconnect
International IP transit
Remote server performance

If you do not feel you are getting the help you need from us, please feel free to contact me directly:

Scott Page
Slingshot General Manager