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How to connect your palmOne Zire 72 to GPRS using a Bluetooth mobile

Posted on 11-May-2004 23:10 | Filed under: Articles

The palmOne Zire 72 provides users with a new Bluetooth Wizard. We show in this article how to configure your Zire and how to use the Wizard to connect to a GPRS network using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

In this article we have used the palmOne Zire 72 and a Windows Mobile based i-mate Smartphone2 connected to the Vodafone New Zealand network. We'll also show during the process what is needed to pair these devices.

You'll notice later in this guide that some network settings are available from the Wizard, while other settings will be manually entered. Check with your mobile operator that you have GPRS enabled on your account. At some stage you'll need some settings, including username and password, to access the GPRS network. The Zire 72 currently comes pre-configured with the following Countries and networks:

  • Australia: Optus, Telstra, Vodafone
  • Austria: Mobilkom A1
  • Brazil: TIM BR
  • Canada: Rogers
  • Colombia: ComCel
  • Denmark: Sonofon DK
  • Finland: Telia FI
  • France: Orange, SFR
  • Germany: D1, E-Plus, O2
  • Hong Kong: HKT CSL, Orange
  • Ireland: O2, Vodafone
  • Italy: Vodafone
  • Mexico: TelCel
  • Netherlands: KPN Mobile
  • Norway: Telenor
  • Singapore: Singtel
  • Spain: Telefonica
  • Sweden: COMVIQ
  • Taiwan: Chunghwa
  • UAE: Etisalat mnet
  • UK: O2, Orange, Vodafone
  • USA: AT&T Wireless, Cingular, T-Mobile GPRS, T-Mobile GPRS VPN

    Even if your mobile operator is not in this list, you'll still be able to connect, by manually changing some settings. In my case I'm using Vodafone New Zealand, and entered the settings myself.

    This guide is actually not easy. By using the Wizard things can get complicated if your country or operator is not in the list, and some work is needed to fix everything. If you don't feel inclined to use the Wizard, the old Bluetooth Guide for Palm OS should be ideal, although with a small change in the Prefs application menu.

    The Zire also comes with init string configuration for some popular mobile phones. If yours is not listed, don't worry, we'll take care of it (in most cases!).

    Check out other Geekzone Bluetooth Guides for more step-by-step pages!

    You'll start on your Zire. Open the Bluetooth application and make sure Bluetooth is set to ON. Tap the Setup devices button:

    Let's proceed with the phone setup, by tapping the Phone Setup button.

    First we have to configure the phone. We'll do this by tapping the Phone Connection button:

    Read the instructions and tap Next.

    Your Zire will look for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones in the vicinity, and show a list of devices. Select the name corresponding to your mobile phone and tap OK.

    If this is the first time using both devices together you'll be requested to pair the devices. By pairing the devices you are authenticating and creating a bond between then.

    Before pairing the devices, you'll have to identify your mobile phone here. Choose from the list available. If your model is not there, select Ericsson, T68:

    Next, choose a numeric PIN and enter it on your Zire. Make sure it's a number, because you'll enter the same number on your mobile phone later:

    On your phone you'll see a dialog similar to this:

    Accept it, and you'll see a dialog requesting the PIN. Make sure to enter the same one entered on the Zire:

    And finally, some phones will allow you to create a name for your Zire. You can accept the default, which will be the one created on your Zire:

    After pairing you'll be asked if you want to setup your network connection. Tap Yes:

    Confirm that you have a GPRS connection available on your mobile:

    And select your network, if it's available from the supplied list. If not, simply select the first one:

    We now have a configuration that tells your Zire to connect to use a certain mobile phone to connect to a specific network. If your mobile phone and network are here, you should need only to tap Done and Connect on the next dialog:

    If your network or mobile phone is not here, we'll have to manually change this configuration. Tap the Network Service list. You'll see an option to edit it.

    You'll see the Network configuration created by the Wizard. Change the information needed as required. First, I've noticed that the Wizard has created two Connections for my mobile phone: the first is called freitasmsmart (my mobile phone's Bluetooth name), and LAN freitasmsmart. It could be because of some strange profiles in my phone, but in any case the Wizard selected the wrong one! If needed select the correct one.

    Then make sure the phone number is correct. The phone number to dial is usually *99# (for the default GPRS configuration in your mobile) or *99***x#, where x will indicate a specific GPRS configuration in your mobile phone. Check with your operator what to use here if in doubt. You should end up with a new Connection:

    Also, make sure we change the script, if needed. For example, for Vodafone Australia the Zire uses a script that is not required at all by Vodafone New Zealand. Most operators will not need any script, but check firt. Tap Details on the previous dialog, to see the next screen. On this one tap Script:

    You can change the script to End if you know there's no need for the script:

    If needed, let's fix the phone configuration. For this you need to go to the Prefs application, and tap Connection:

    Find the connection used by your Network configuration (see previous steps):

    Tap Details and remove the Init String:

    The Init String is not required to initialise most GSM phones, but it may be needed to select a specific APN. This depends on on your current network and mobile phone configuration. If you want or need to enter a different APN name to access the GPRS network, enter this string and replace "internet" for the APN name you need to use according to your provider:

    Back on your Bluetooth application, we finished having a Network configuration with a new face. Now tap the Connect button:

    If you have the correct configuration you should see this:

    To make sure the connection is fine, open the Prefs application and in the Connect dialog, tap the menu Preferences and select Options. Choose View Log and the screen you see will show the negotiation between the Palm and the DHCP server on the network.

    To disconnect, simply tap the Disconnect button either on the Bluetooth application or in the Network in Prefs: