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What is on my Pocket PC?
Posted on 31-Jul-2005 14:49 by M Freitas | Filed under: Articles

A few months ago I saw a post on Russell Beattie's blog listing all the applications installed on his smartphone. That post made me think of listing the applications I have on my Windows Mobile Pocket PC, but I was so busy that did not have the time - until now.

I feel like some applications should be in this list, because I like them and have at some time used them, but I am actually only listing programs currently installed in my Pocket PCs (a HP iPAQ h4150 and a Harrier Pocket PC Phone Edition, a.k.a. Audiovox XV6600).

I will update this list as more programs are installed or removed.

Also, if you would like to suggest a program I am happy to install, and if I keep it then I will list it here. Leave your suggestions in the comments section, below the article.

So, in no particular order, but games first:

Fastswapper Geekzone Edition

This game is a variation of those puzzles where you have to make a series of three or more pieces to eliminate them, moving the adjacent pieces around. The variation here is that you know in what direction the movement will be and what colours will be used to fill the space left. Very cool, and free from our site.

168490 Pixelus

Pixelus is a puzzle (yes, I like this kind of games) where you have to place tiles in a figure by sliding then. The objective is to create mosaics, floors in new temples, so the gods will be nice to you and help you get out of the island you're trapped in. Very nice graphics and cools music.

149408 Zuma

In Zuma you have to clear the line of coloured stones coming into the mouth of a creature before it is too late. Some stones have special bonus actions, like slow motion, pause, reverse, etc. Quite cool when you have two lines coming from opposing directions.

146226 Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled is a more elaborate version of the free Fastswapper. It comes with four different game plays, some with a never ending mode, so you can keep adding points until you reach a certain stage. Very nice graphics, amazing sound and addictive play.

Curse of the Pharao

What a cool game. Exactly like the ones I used to play on an Atari video game console, years ago. Lots of scary creatures trying to block the way, but our hero can overcome these with intelligence - and tools collected on the way to the Pharao's tomb.

Adobe Reader for Pocket PC 2.0

No questions about this one. It is much better and faster than its first version - and always useful when receiving emails with pdf attachments. A must have - but install it on your SD memory card because it's a huge install!

Airscanner Mobile Encrypter

If you need security, this encrypter is the key (no pun intended)... You can encrypt folders, individual files, or even create an encrypted file that can be mounted as a virtual folder on your Pocket PC, with a timeout feature to close it after a certain time without use.

158887 BOnTime 3

This is an ideal program for project and time management. Easy data entry, multiple files, lots of reports. Easy to export data into flat files and use on your PC. Great software, made here in New Zealand!

15458 Ilium eWallet

This is a great software to store personal data. Credit cards, bank accounts, document, software keys, anything. I have been using this since when I had a US Robotics Pilot (yes, that old!) and still using the same file (with more information) on m Pocket PC. Now with individual card synchronisation. Great stuff!

64748 Fizz Traveller

I used to have WorldMate installed in my Pocket PC, until they changed the registration to an annual subscription - and the software failed to start after a couple of weeks. Since then I switched to Fizz Traveller which offer a very good balance of data and functionality for people on the road.

Geekzone InHand

You want to check the latest best selling software for your Pocket PC, download and purchase directly on your device, with no cables attached? It is possible, with our version of InHand, powered by Handango. The software titles are listed by categories, like business, travel, utilities, games, etc. You can download and install the trial over the air (via GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi) and be up and running in no time. And if you like any of the software in the trail, simply purchase it on-line, with no fuss.

123995 Memmaid

This software is great for anything related to memory management - from automatic cleanup to detailed view of what is using the memory on your Pocket PC. I use it to automatically clear the Pocket Internet Explorer cache when I soft reset my Pocket PC.

167297 Access Netfront

The best replacement for the built-in Pocket Internet Explorer. It supports tabbed browsing, helper applications, Javascript, DOM, Java aplets, and more. It provides a smart view feature that refits the page for best view on small screens, plus user-agent management for those tricky sites that complain of your browser version. Another software to install in your SD memory card - it is huge, but worth it. By the way, if installing on a SD card make sure to set it to not use cache - this will improved the browsing speed since files do not have to be written to the slow SD card.


This utility let you select your own folder when installing cab files on your device (not need with Windows Mobile 5 though). Very handy when installing small utilities downloaded direclty into your device.

142855 Ilium Newsbreak

In my opinion the best RSS feed reader for Windows Mobile. Great performance, easy to use, with special notification for keywords, with different icons for each one. And we have a free version (no time limit, five feeds only) available from Geekzone so you can try this software if you never used RSS feeds before.

11117 Resco Photo Viewer

With this application you can view, edit, and organise pictures on your Pocket PC. Very complete program with lots of functions, including slideshows.

118320 Planmaker

This is a nice spreadsheet for Pocket PC, fully replacing Pocket Excel. It read and writes directly to Excel files (great for email attachments), with more than 320 calculation functions, covering maths, financial mathematics, date and time calculations, data analysis and more. Lots of chart options too.

42042 Pocket Streets

Lots of street-level maps for North America, Europe, South America and Australia (no New Zealand map yet, though). Great for directions and works well with GPS via Bluetooth or cable. Maps are available for download from Microsoft's web site.

150895 Spb Clone

This software is great for large deployments. You can create an image of a standard Pocket PC and replicate this to other devices. It can also be used by developers when rebuilding a Pocket PC configuration is a long task (and when it is not?). It actually saved me a couple of times, when I installed some programs that didn't work well and caused problems in my Pocket PC.

43793 Spb GPRS Monitor

Don't be fooled by its name: Spb GPRS Monitor actually can monitor any network connection on your Pocket PC, including GPRS, CDMA, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. You get accurate charts and reports of your data usage, with daily warnings when going over the limits. It also gives you average speed for each data session. Very handy!

159352 TapText

If you write lots of emails and messages, or type minutes in your Pocket PC, this program can come handy. You have instant access to pre-defined and user-defined text that can be inserted anywhere on your Pocket PC: Pocket Word, emails, notes, etc. A big small time-saving program, nice to have with these email capable devices.

52531 TextMaker

Like PlanMaker for spreadsheets, TextMaker is the ideal replacement for word processing on your Pocket PC. I have used with a Bluetooth keyboard and it is simply great - like having a full PC in front of you. Miles ahead of Pocket Word (although some stuff changes with the new Windows Mobile 5 and the new Word Mobile program). Still, worth it if you are not changing Pocket PC anytime soon.

61285 TripTracker

You live on the road, or in airplanes? Then TripTracker is a great companion. Using the desktop program you can plan an entire trip, and entering date and time is easy: the program accepts the information in local time and calculates the different for your home time. It also automatically enters fights, meetings, car rental and hotel information into Outlook so you have the information in both places. The Pocket PC program comes with the same functionality and it is a great trip planning tool - including expense reporting!

PHM Registry Editor

One essential utility, and free. Easy to use registry editor for the Pocket PC platform. Just be careful and do not go deleting everything, otherwise you can make your Pocket PC unusable.

50351 Spb Pocket Plus , 163904 Spb Diary and 157838 Spb Weather

Three very good Today plug-in utilities. The Spb Pocket Plus also offers tabbed browsing for Pocket Internet Explorer, [x] Close button, an Alt-Tab style task switcher and more.

Spb Diary brings Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks to you Today screen, and Spb Weather will show current conditions and forecast for multiple cities - and will even show the forecast in your today screen when used together with Spb Diary.

Both programs integrate with Spb Pocket Plus and can be used as tabs in the Today screen - all the plug-ins you need using the same space. Great products, and they make life easier.

120005 Cirond PocketWinc

Have a Pocket PC with Wi-Fi? Get connected fast with PocketWinc. It is a Wireless LAN manager where ou can configure your preferred networks, WEP keys, etc. It also shows networks available, status, signal strength, etc. Great tool to find hotspots without having to start your laptop.


Another program that you have to have if your Pocket PC can connect to to wireless networks: Skype is great for placing free calls over the internet, to other Skype users. You can also call old-style landline and mobile phone numbers if you purchase minutes on their SkypeOut service. A warning word though: make sure you use a headset, otherwise you won't hear anything - the speakers on most Pocket PC devices are terrible.


A free network program for Pocket PC with all essential tools for network diagnostic and testing. VxUtil includes an IP subnet calculator, WhoIs, Time Service, Quote, Lookup, Finger, Get HTML, port scanner, Ping, Trace Route and device information. A must if you have a wireless capable device (GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi).

Just to make this a more complete list, other programs used before include (but not currently installed):

  • Microsoft Voice Command
  • Fonix Voice Central
  • Visual GPS
  • PocketWAW
  • Giza
  • Aeon of Discovery
  • Spb Time
  • WebIS Mail
  • VM Network Browser
  • Dilbert Dose-a-day
  • PocketBreeze
  • SimpleSMS

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