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How to configure and synchronise your Bluetooth Ericsson mobile with Outlook contacts using XTNDConnect
Posted on 26-Apr-2003 15:46 by M Freitas | Filed under: Articles

This article is the continuation of our Bluetooth Guides. Here we'll show you how to configure your desktop or laptop to synchronise your Bluetooth enable mobile phone and your Outlook contacts over Bluetooth.

In this article we used a Ericsson T39m and a TDK USB Bluetooth (version These steps work with the original Ericsson CD, but you an also download an updated version of this software from this Sony Ericsson page.

If you don't have the XTNDConnect software from Sony Ericsson you can still synchronise following the instructions in this article.

We also assume you have already paired the phone and your computer. Do so before you continue following this guide!

Check out other Geekzone Bluetooth Guides for more step-by-step pages!

To start our configuration we need to know what COM port to use. We want to find the Client COM port. Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select Advanced Configuration.

Select the Client Applications tab and note the current COM port assigned to the Bluetooth Serial Port. Sometimes the initial setup works fine using defaults, but depends on how many Serial devices you have attached to your computer (we might need to enter the configuration in Ericsson software).

Click the Start and Programs.You'll see the new Ericsson group installed. Start the Phone Settingsprogram.

You'll see this screen, and notice the Bluetooth icon in the System Tray showing some activity, by turning green.

Because this is the first time using this connection you can assign a name to it. You can have as many mobile phones synchronised with this computer as you wish. give some meaningful names! Then click the Finish button.

After a while you'll see this screen, and the dialog telling you some information is being collected.

When the information collection is completed, you'll be able to change any configuration in your Ericsson mobile from here. The newer version of this software will have a Dial-Up Networking Wizard. This wizard will create a dial-up network connection for you, if you want to use the builtin mobile modem.

This step is not necessary, but it may be usefull for configuration if needed. You can select the menu Tools, Phone Configuration in the previous screen to access this dialog. Click on Settings to see the next dialog.

If your computer is having problems finding your phone, make sure the Bluetooth radio is on in your mobile phone, and both devices are paired. You can also select which COM port to use in this dialog. You can select the one we found before in the Bluetooth Advanced Configuration.

Now, quit Ericsson program and lets start the synchronisation business! Select the Start button, Programs and the new XTNDConnect group. Then you'll start the Synchronize Sony Ericsson Phone with Outlook program.

You can select to sync your Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. I only synchronise contacts in this example. Before you hit the Synchronize button, lets check some configuration! Click on the Settings button.

The first tab in the dialog asks to confirm before removing records. Leave it checked. Also, if you want to completely overwrite all the entries in your mobile phone, check Force full synchronization.

The Conflicts tab by default is checked to always assume the records in Outlook are correct, overriding the phone's records. I use this.

The Mapping tab allows you to change how fields in Outlook relate to fields in the mobile's phonebook. Click the Mapping button to go to the next screen.

Here you can select the fields you want to be copied across. The default is the correct setting for almost every user.

The Filters tab allows the user to define a field to be filtered on. I use the Nickname field to set what records I want to be sent to the mobile phonebook. Very handy if you have more than 1000 entries in your Contacts, and don't want all of these in your mobile! If you're finished, click the OK button.

Back in the main dialog, we are ready to start! Let's click the Synchronize button...

The software will establish communications with the mobile using the same configuration we created before...

And record will start "flying"between the computer and the mobile!

Depending on how many records need to be updated, or if you decided to do a full sync, it may take a few minutes. To sync again, just start the program and hit the Synchronize button. Enjoy!

More information: content.asp?contentid=449...
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