Morning/Afternoon/Evening All


Have used this service half a dozen times over last 11 months


2 x 1 month subs


4 x 1 week subs


First time, the last Month of the Rugby World Cup


More recently, the last month of the NRL which included plenty of Rugby within that Month


Overall, I would fail the experience, maybe a 2/10, 3/10 at a stretch


The big issues are/were - the picture and audio can jump from a clear HD picture to what can only be described as VHS quality, you would have to refresh constantly to get the right picture and audio back - this was my biggest bug bear because it happens a lot especially on PC screen


The other issue (as you can use on multiple devices and I would switch from Monitor to Ipad intermittently), it will randomly log you out and point out that you are signed in on another device whereby it may have been days since I used other device


Most can get an average quality picture of any sport, anytime elsewhere for free so given you either pay $20 a week or $50 a month I would have to say it's not worth it, it may be ok for a single device with standard HD or if you are using just an IPAD or similar. My screen certainly asks a lot of questions in regards to pixels but not horrifically so, none the less, I should not have to always watch on IPAD (even then it would occasionally not cope with HD picture and quality audio)


I can't help compare to Netflix whereby I use both my PC and IPAD for entertainment at any one time, never an issue


my 2 Cents, if you are considering