Forgive me if I'm mistaken but it looks like the Lyngsat info on Sky NZ is in need of updates.

For example it currently does not list TVNZ channels under HD. I actually noticed this a few weeks ago but don't have HD so thought it meant they hadn't launched yet (which surprised me). However from more searching it seems they have so I'm guessing the info is just updated.

Also I've read in various places Sky have started using the Freeview streams for some or all of those channels on Freeview (I read about TVNZ but I presuming it's the same for Mediaworks and I guess the Maori channel) rather then transmitting their own encrypted (unencrypted in the case of TVNZ) SD ones. However they're all still listed.

I'm not sure how Lyngsat is managed I wonder if it might be best for someone to just submit data for all the Sky frequencies in case there have been any other changes since it looks like most of the data is from 2006 - 2007. Sky recently upped the resolution for a lot of channels so I wonder if this means they increased the bandwidth too which would suggest they changed their channel assignments.

I don't have DVB-S so can't provide this info myself.


P.S. Given Sky's issues with EPG providers, it may be wise not to tell anyone you're the one who submitted the new data in case they decide it's copyrighted or your misusing their trademarks or something. Lyngsat is a big site and hosted I don't know where so they can't go after them.