Hi there

Can someone please help me - I am a female who has no clue about mobile phones. 

I am able to access MMS and vodafone live but I am having  problems with 3G and wondering if anyone knows what settings I should select.  This is the current situation with my phone and 3G:

I am able to get the 3G icon (will it's not the actual 3G NZ icon that my husband gets on his phone but it is the words which is next to the network indicator – I don't know if this is why I am having problems??).  When I go into Vodafone live and access media that is viewable only on 3G (such as sky tv), it allows me to go into it and it charges my account etc etc (When I didn't have the 3G icon on my phone (I previously had problems with vodafone line + 3G)  it would not allow me to get to this stage but now it is allowing me).  However when it actually loads, it is here I have the problems.  It says "connecting to streaming" and does that for a couple of minutes and then say's "response unknown try again" (or something like that).  Any suggestions?  I am too scared to change any settings myself in case the Vodafone live and MMS mucks up again!

Please help??